Feature Requests: What do you want to see in PiPlay?
  • Hey All,

    Please put any feature requests you want in this thread. Thanks!



    ✓ Silent Booting / Splash Screen
    ✓ More Emulators like NES, Genesis, Stella and SNES
    ✓ Xbox Controller Support
    ✓ Joystick Game Pad Controller Support in Menu (In PiMame 0.8)
    Unreal Speccy Portable (Spectrum Emulator)
    Picodrive emulator
    PS3 Controller Support?
    ✓ Power down from menu
    Hifiberry audio support
    Easy access to the emulator config files
    Super FX SNES Games
    ✓ apt-get update/upgrade without stuffing everything up
    Replace Gameboy emulator?
    Amiga Emulator
    GP-WIZ40 out of the box support
  • Any speedups that could be made to boot time?
  • Snes/superfamicon and/or sega Génesis emu?
    Is IT possible easy switch between emu's?
  • I'm waiting on a Daphne port myself (although I suspect the RPI might not be up to the task)
  • I'd love a more minimal build image (based on Arch instead of Debian, for example).
  • Map the keys in all the emulators to use the MAME keyboard keys. I haven't had time to play with all the emulators but I just figured out how to map them for SNES9x.
  • Definitely a NES emulator! FCEUX is supposed to be rad. The MAME4all was a great addition!
  • Mapping all keys to MAME keys is def a high priority for me. Thanks!
  • Is it possible to make a version of Cabrio Frontend?
    Hyperspin is a marvelous software, but Cabrio looks like a good opponent.
    What do you think about this?
  • hello, i am new here... thank you for that very nice SD-Image!!!

    i would like to see stella (Atari 2600 emulator), vice-emu (v2.4, c64 emulator), scummvm (v1.5.x), spec256 (ZX Spectrum emulator)...
    as well integrated in the SD-image and in the game-menu...
    ... that would be great.
  • I Second the Stella emulator. I have installed it outside of the PiMAME and it works, but it's sloooow and weird.
  • Xbox 360 controller support would be awesome (see xboxdrv)
  • Hi - I like the simplicity of the existing frontend, but I am wondering if it's possible to customize the frontend so the font is smaller? Perhaps even use a different font such as slicker.ttf, like the old gamelauncher frontend?



    Update: actually I just realised this request is really just for mame4all, perhaps this is the wrong place to post. sorry :)
  • Integrate some kind of GPIO driver. Something like

  • Shea, are you ever going to add in a PS2 or Gamecube emulators?
  • I don't think the raspberry pi has the power needed to emulate the PS2 or gamecube unfortunately.
  • Nicktones is right, at this point I don't believe the PS2 and higher will be able to emulated. I hope I am wrong.

  • I would *love* to see the ILI9325 TFT driver incorporated into the build. I think this is a super cool project http://spritesmods.com/?art=rpi_arcade and he's posted a kernel patch, but I still have not been successful in setting up to cross compile a kernel. I'm just more of a hardware guy.
  • James, I actually have been playing with the Sainsmart TFT LCDs. You should try these images: https://github.com/notro/fbtft/wiki#downloads

  • Hey thanks for that link, now if I can just find time to give it a try.

    Do you know if that supports the ILI9325? IIRC this is a 320x240 display, while a lot of the smaller TFTs are lower resolution.
  • Maybe this already exists, maybe it doesn't (I'm sorry if it does), but could you start putting the PiMAME version/release number somewhere? Maybe on the main menu? Or even just on the Tools menu?
  • hi, i found an SD image for RPi, where vice-emu 2.3.21 is running very well on a RPi.
    Ok, you have to setup the options carefully, but overall it works with 100% speed and 50fps with sound.
    my wishes are now... i would like to see vic-emu also in your PiMAME image.
    please, can you add vice as well?
    ... pleeeeeaas...!

    - you have to use SDL as sound output, all others will drop the speed down to under 20%.
    - floppy disk emulator is not performant, during loading, the fps goes down to 5fps, so it is better to use the option inject instead of emulate the drive - for the games that don't use copy-protection and special loader it is the fastest option to get games into the memory to run.
    when you use these options, you can have lot of fun at 100%speed and 50fps and sound
  • I'll look into adding VICE :)
  • Hi, SSilver2k2.

    I'm actually making a cabinet with the raspberry and your software (Look amazing and i think you are great).
    Today i see a great new.
    PiFBA si announced!!!
    I'm a D&D tower of doom fan. Is it possible to include this one in next versions of pimame?
    Thanks very much, crack!!
  • If you want to see any photo of my cabinet, tell me where i can post it.
    PiFBA rules!!!!
  • how i installed vice2.3.21-1 on my PiMAME image...
    download the package from
    extract it and install it with
    "sudo dpkg --install vice_2.3.21-1_armhf.deb"
    start it with
    (i have an xBox360USB joystick connected to my RPi, so i start it with "sudo xboxdrv -s -d & x64")

    hit F12-key to get setting menu to see.
    in "Settings management ->" i restore everything to defaults as basis.
    "Sound settings ->" i changed the "Output driver ->" to "SDL" and "Frequency" to "22050 Hz"
    "Machine settings ->","Joystick settings ->", "Joystick device in port 2 ->" to "Joystick" (i have a joystick connected to my RPi)
    (port 2 is a less problematic port - c64 users know what i mean)
    i setup the both "Joystick 1/2 mappings ->" to the same keys, for easier handling at switching between port 1 and 2.
    disable "Allow keyset joystick", otherwise the joystick is not working on RPi.

    to be able to easily swap the joystick between port 2 and 1 and back, i map a shortcut to the menu item "Swap joystick ports"
    (mark the item you want to make a shortcut for with the ">" in front of, and hit M-key, then within 5 seconds, you can assign any keyboard key or an joystick button to be mapped for that shortcut - this is very very handy!)
    i mapped also a shortcut key to the menu items
    "Reset ->", "Hard";
    "Autostart image";
    "Drive ->", "Attach disk image to drive 8";
    "Virtual Keyboard";

    because of performance problems in my Pi, i disabled the option
    "Drive ->", "True drive emulation",
    "Drive ->", "Drive 8 settings ->", "Drive 8 idle method" to "Skip cycles",
    "Drive ->", "Drive 8 settings ->", "Drive 8 parallel cable" to "Standard" and
    "Drive ->", "Autostart settings ->", "Autostart PRG mode" to "Inject",
    otherwise during 1541 disk io the speed slows down to a 10'th of a real 1541 drive and this is not acceptable. (maybe not all options are needed, but most games will load very quick)
    i like to see the speed of the emulator, so i enabled the option "Statusbar"
    as last, i save all settings under the "Settings management"
    and "Quit emulator"

    (maybe you have to change the permission of the ~/.vice folder and its included files, to be able to save all changes)

    ... ooohhh i love to play good old school games like "Space Taxi"
    ... hahahaha... have fun... :D
  • Please allow us to map an exit button so we can return to the frontend without pressing escape. ideally an ability to map combo buttons to exit a rom without using the ESC key.
  • Hi,
    Today has Been released a new version of pifba with 2 player joystick support.
    Is possible to include this in your fantastic program?
  • hello is it possible to run the emulator Daphne on the PI ? thank you
  • First of all I just want to say excellent job with this bundle of emulators !!
    Second is a question is it possible to emulate a psp with a raspian pie ?
    Cheers ,
  • Request: integration of Picodrive into Pimame: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=53061

    Runs segacd/megacd at full speed!
  • Posible return kernel 3.2? New kernel problems with Arcade stick axis.
  • Scrooge: I'll look into picodrive and see how well it works :)
  • I've been having trouble getting x11vnc to work. Any chance this could be integrated?
  • I second pikeyd
  • Not overwriting modified configs on update/install would be awesome
  • Would it be possible Unreal Speccy Portable - Sinclair ZX Spectrum?

  • Pikeyd and Ultrastik 360 support (libusb, libhid y ultrastikcmd1.3 )

    Thankyou very much.
  • Don't have my system with me but is pygame included in the system? Write a couple of scripts. First script would setup a joystick and the second would be a modification to the initial menu to accept joystick control.
  • pygame is installed by default. I added like 8 lines or something to my copy of the menu for joystick input and it works well.
  • please disable screensaver on menu of PiMAME.
    e.g. by putting "setterm -blank 0" to "rc.loca"l file. as second last command.
  • PS3 controller support would be awesome. I would be happy with just USB, but I'v also seen people get it to work with a bluetooth dongle.
  • A universal 'controller configuration' tool would be really helpful.

    Digging around for configuration files is quite cumbersome. I'm still not sure how to configure the NES emulator for my Xbox 360 controller.

    Would be great to have a tool where you just picked a system and it would prompt you to press left, right, up, down, A, B, etc on your controller. And boom. Everything is assigned.
  • please put a big button [Quick Start Guide] on each page on the main PiMAME webpage and on the PiMAME forum...
    for quick access to http://pimame.org/quickstart.html

    and say in the guide, that FTP is the better way to transfer files/roms/folders to the PiMAME installation (put it physically in front of the description of web front-end)
    with FTP, you can transfer big and many files simply by drag and drop

    many of questions could be solved by them self, when people would find that quick guide immediately.
  • Good Idea beta_tester. I'll add a button to the main page for that.
  • Here are some interesting projects that has come out the past 1/2 years for the original Xbox 1:

    Atari Jaguar -> Virtual JaguarX v0.98 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvwXfTjqvW4
    Panasonic 3DO -> 3dox - www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUXrXMJALo8
    Sega Saturn -> Yabause CE - www.youtube.com/watch?v=xURnm59-5d4

    They do not run 100% but might be still of interest to bring over to the Raspberry Pi as they have been optimized for the Xbox 1 which is pretty weak by todays standards but when it came out it was quite powerful. But this is good as it should be on the same level as the Raspberry Pi.

    These are all compiled with the official xbox devkit, thus are not in wide circulation. But if it sparks anyones interest I think they're (source code) on the xbins ftp http://xbins.org/faq.php

    If anything these videos will atleast serve as inspiration for what might be possible on the Raspy after Nintendo 64 has been tackled :)
  • hi all , just few words about cabrio-fe (cabrio-fe.org) ...


    * Compilation OK (probleme with video.c but don't failed)

    * Launch OK (you have to install somme lib or error on launch)

    * Snap OK / Rotation background KO / wheel OK / Launching Game OK

    See you ... :)
  • @berzerking
    Cabrio looks great! How about performance? Can you please open a new post with a tutorial about compilation?

    Your work with Pimame is fantastic. It's possible to have a front-end like chameleon pi (http://chameleon.enging.com/), wah!cade (http://www.anti-particle.com/wahcade.shtml) or Cabrio? Thank you
  • @gmello

    hey, actually it s depend of the number of roms. cabrio work with xml (=> static), so more long is the file more long the charging is during :)

    i'm working on it. Actually for the compilation i created a fork just for me wich is compiling with some warning : TuxBrio.

    when i ll have the time to do it i'll make a video + tuto on DEADPOOL ARCADE REALISATION and on a new thread in this forum :)

    see you :)
  • Ok i just finish to try with "sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-swx11" and it s slow .... really ... really slow ... arf . i continue to work on it with some stuff like alternative 3D drivers for pi ... see you :)

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