AdvMAME does not recognize joystick buttons > 9
  • I am trying to get PiMAME working with a xin-mo USB dual joystick controller. There are 22 buttons available on this controller. These buttons are visible in jstest and advj and I can successfully generate a key press on any of these buttons using either utility. However, I cannot configure button numbers > 9 in advmame.rc.

    input_map[start1] joystick_button[0,9] or keyboard[0,1] -- works
    input_map[start2] joystick_button[0,18] or keyboard[0,2] -- does not work

    Is there some sort of hard-coded limit as to the number of joystick buttons that advmame recognizes?

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hmm. Seems to be working now. Not sure what changed other than I got a good night's sleep... Sorry for the intrusion!
  • no worries. glad its working
  • Hi,
    I've the same problem...
    Raspberry pi with piMame => PCB => 2joysticks...
    In MAME4ALL...
    For joystick 1, no problem all the buttons work
    For Joystick 2, only the first button work and the last one... seems to be that not all the input are recognized... any idea?


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