Build-it-yourself Desktop Arcade Machine


The DeskCade is your new desktop arcade system, that you build yourself.  Taking classic arcade controls, and a space saving laser cut wood case, that great feeling of playing on an Arcade Machine can now be had on your own desk.   The DeskCade works with RetroPie, so thousands of retro, classic, and modern video games are accessible at your finger tips!

All you need to build the kit is a screwdriver and a lunch break!


DeskCade Case – Durable 1/4″ wood laser cut for precision and accuracy
Sanwa-style 30mm  & 24mm Arcade Buttons for that real arcade feel
Ball top 8 way movement joystick
USB powered speakers
All mounting hardware included

Just add your Raspberry Pi3 and Official Raspberry Pi Display!


Playable Game Systems

The DeskCade is powered by Retropie which includes:

  • MAME / Arcade

  • SNES

  • Genesis

  • NES

  • GameBoy / Color / Advance

  • PlayStation 1

  • and many more!