Question about wiring
  • Hi,
    For my next project I want to be able to add/remove Player 2 control panel, with ease, so a thought using this kind of connector :
    Player 1 control with encoder and wiring player 2 to the sub-D and inside player 2 all wiring goes to another sub-D female connector.
    when a want them both, i link them with a male/mal cable.
    Could this work? Or would it be better to use this kind of connector :

    I hope i've been clear in my explanation :D
  • you really could use either one. I'm currently building a portable arcade with two separate joystick panels (it sounds similar to your project). I wanted two players, but not necessarily force them to sit side by side. Anyway, either of those would work as long as they have enough pins for your project (they look like they should) On mine, I am using 13 pins for player 2 (4 for the joystick, 6 for the buttons, 2 for select/start, 1 common ground wire)
  • I plan using 13 pins too, so a sub-D 15 is enough!
    Great, now i need to gather all pieces at once to start :-)
  • no problemo!
  • That second link you posted @thak, I'm using a 4 four pin one of those in my controller setup and am finding it pretty flakey. Its okay but sometimes when you go to connect it the pins dont line up great and it becomes a chore. Quite far from quick and easy that i was after! Would be interested to see if anyone else out there has other connectors that theyve found successful.

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