BUG: Rom Folder for C64 - Pimame 0.8.0 BETA
  • Hi Guys,

    theres a Bug at the Upload Interface for Commodore64 Roms. The target directory of the web interface doesn't exist ... so this is quit annoying. Perhaps you can fix that with the next update?

    Keep up the great work!
  • Have you run the update script?

    wget -O - http://pimame.org/update.sh | bash
  • Yes, i installed the update before. After that there was no commodore64 folder within the roms folder.

    At the upload interface /pimame/ missing - just at the Commodore64 link.
    Playstation1: /home/pi/pimame/roms/psx/
    Atari 2600: /home/pi/pimame/roms/2600/
    Commodre 64: /home/pi/roms/c64/
  • Guys,

    the Bug is back in PiPlay 0.8.0 Beta 3.
    That's quite annoying ......
  • I found out have to change the Owner to "pi" then it will see and change to the folder.

    -Raymond Day

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