X-Arcade joystick mapping issue
  • I have been working on making a pseudo replica of a MKII cabinet. I have a 25" oldschool crt installed and have been using a old dell and either maximus arcade or hyperspin. Not long ago I found a posting on CL asking for some help with a project involving a PI and it was mentioned that the desire for a arcade option should be present. I know just enough Linux to be dangerous, and having said that I got a working Raspbian+emulationstation+xbmc going. With that I also found a way to get a ps3 aftermarket controller working on it pretty much like eating cake. However, I have an X-arcade stick (not tankstick) and what a pain it has been. No matter what configs I try, it wont recognize the first person joystick, but all the buttons work fine for player one. I am not a master, but I did use these instructions at http://blog.sheasilverman.com/2013/02/pimame-advancemame-and-advancemenu-tankstick-configuration/
    to get me where I am. Unfortunately, I am stuck at a standstill after many attempts and now with PiMame as well as a single installation. Any pointers would be helpful as the rather simple instructions are not getting me far. I did find another posting, https://github.com/Themaister/RetroArch/blob/master/input/input_common.c#L613 with some other mappings in it. If the mappings in the first post are correct the something like "9_pad" would be correct instead of "keypad8". Are either correct? Also as a side note, I have a ps2 keyboard plugged into the x-arcade, both show as keyboard or input0.
  • You need to make sure that it boots up with numlock on as the X player one joystick uses the number pad.

    Set Numlock on for bootup
    1. Edit /etc/rc.local
    a. Type “sudo nano /etc/rc.local” at command line
    2. Include the following line before “exit 0″:
    a. for tty in /dev/tty?; do /usr/bin/setleds -D +num < "$tty"; done
    3. Save and Exit (press ctrl-x then y)

    Then, to map the controls to the MAME emulator:
    1. Select any Mame game and run
    2. When the game loads, hit the “TAB” key
    3. Select “Input (general)
    4. Select “Player 1 Controls”
    5. Select each control and change to desired key by pressing the desired key
  • I did set it up to boot with num lock on using the first link, and I do appreciate the input as any help is great. Unfortunately I have been able to do what you mentioned already. My desired effect is for it to be set at a lower level, such that when I am in the mame menu I can use the stick to move and select roms to boot, and also in any other part of the emulators. Suggestions on that perhaps? I am using the pimame distro at the moment, but did have equal headaches trying to setup in emulationstation and retropie.
  • I'm having this issue as well. I had Pimame all mapped out fine and then updated today to 0.8 and lost my configuration (and forgot what I did in the first place.)
    I have pimame booting right into mame4all. I have my usb x-arcade stick running fine in mame4all (using TAB to set the configurations.) The issue is selecting the game from the mame4all menupage. I now have to go back to the keyboard arrow keys while before I had the 8,6,4,2 keys. I did the above edit so that numlock is enabled and while it is enabled I am only to navigate the mame4allmenu with the arrow keys on the keyboard.
    Also, really enjoy Pimame. I've had a mame cocktail table since 2002 with a variety of computer hardware inside. Pimame is the best solution to date.

    EDIT (reading the forum looks like this is a known issue since 0.8. Sorry to bring it up again.)
  • Actually, there's no reason to bother with the numlock or editing rc.local.

    The x-arcade itself can be remapped easily, all you need is a ps/2 keyboard. With the x-arcade powered up via usb, plug the ps/2 keyboard in to the available jack. Switch that switch on the back to any position other than 1 and tap the button on the back so that the LED goes off.

    Now, hold a button on the x-arcade, and then hold the key on the keyboard that you want that button to map to. Wait for the LED to flash. Now you've programmed that button. You can program the joystick to use the arrow keys instead of the numpad keys and everything will work great.
  • I patched mame4all-pi to allow the mapping of [ and ]. There was a bug in the source code that was preventing it from recognizing them. Using that you can map buttons 6 and 7 from the player 2 joystick just fine. Using the numlock I think is still required as well. I wrote a post over in the general forum for how to get the Tankstick/Duo to work with mame4all-pi including a default.cfg for picking and exiting games only using the Tankstick/Duo.

    You can download the mame binary from the link below and just replace the one you have under emulators/mame4all-pi with it. You can also find my patch on the mame4all-pi website and compile it yourself.


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