Feature Requests: What do you want to see in PiPlay?
  • WiiMote after restarting Raspberry Pi 2/PimamePlease?

    I understand there is already a way of using Wiimotes with PiPlay but.........

    I am Building a 2 player arcade controller and would love to see a WiiMote script built into PiPlay to give easy access to players 3 and 4 for classics like TMNT and The Simpsons, Gauntlet,Super Off Road, football games etc and Super MArio Kart 64 like N64 games and other such games and also to use for flipping through menus with a separate controller potentially using accelerometer to to quickly move menu from top to bottom or vise versa and maybe be a replacement for a trackerball!??

    I say wimmote script (although said before by others) that will hopefully not only work but keep and save settings after rebooting the Pi would be an excellent addition and i think very advantageous to PiPlay menu when making your own controllers/arcade machines or when using Mame Emulators.

    Thanks for all you hard work!

    Link i meant (with wiimote working without reboot was: (not my link - but someone else mentioned it in previous post)

  • &

    #Abient arcade sounds in main menu i.e real arcade music/ music.mp3

    #Open BOR -Beats of rage
    #Ultra 64 / Killer instinct 1/2 version or mame version if poss?!?
    #NINTENDO 64 - Killer instinct Gold
    #80's MTV STYLE Video/audio/Jukebox /record store

    (Pleading all devs to convert virtual pinball and future pinball to pi/linux -big ask i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "3d arcad3" like features
    run 3d arcad3 bits n bobs (aka 3d arcad3 10th ann1v3rsary edit1on)
    walk in arcade with sounds and hardware pics or simplify it!
    "C0verfl0w" like control for radio,jukebox in menu (folders,albums,tracks,e4c

    All for piplay if possible?!? (:
  • A switching feature in the web config switching console booting to terminal 3 (completely silent booting)
    A easy way to remove all extra status messages (like have a good day, Relaunch 2, etc) - also in the web config?
  • That's a good suggestion, I'll make sure Shea sees this.
  • Is there a way to port the stand alone The Last Starfighter game that was created by Rogue Synapse to the Pi?
  • Maybe this is crazy but I was thinking there should be a way that when you select an emulator it can send an I2C message that would control LEDS either within or by the buttons to be used with the game. For instance for an NES it would light two buttons and the Select Start Button.
  • hmm... That's an interesting thought. I did something similar on an unrelated project, but I used a cheapo arduino. I may look into what it would take to add this but I'm not sure how many people would actually be able to use it. They would have to be using light up buttons + have the i2c pins free. I'm not sure what it would take to detect if those pins were in use by retrogame or something.
  • I played a SNES emulator online with a friend as player 2 sync'd river city ransom cool as heck... it would be great if a networked piplay system could accomplish that with another... I haven't used mame yet so excuse my inexperience if these options do exist... a help screen would be good I have no idea how to favorite a game, and within each emulator I'm holding breath as mashing f keys... can be scary. Love the project I am forever in its debt.
  • This has been requested before already, but I'd love to see integration with one of the Atari XL/XE emulators, and with MESS.

    I saw the C64/Vice support, which is great (and shows the potential for more than consoles). But c64 is not where my memories are. :-)
  • So my request is easy. Rebuild images so the new Raspberry Pi Zero will work out of the box. Now user have to put SD in regular Pi, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and put it back into Pi 0. But what if he does not own old Pi?

    Just add new firmware to the img files.
  • we haven't gotten our hands on the new pi zero yet but if you don't have an old pi, you can just do a fresh install of the latest raspbian image and then run the piplay installer.
    Instructions found here: https://github.com/ssilverm/piplay-installer
  • Really? Look into blog posts :D I see that you have Pi Zero for at least few days.
    I made a mistake you nedd: rpi-update
  • I'd worship you like an ewok if you added TG-16 support, I can never get the damned emulators to run smoothly on any system I've ever had. Intellivision, Atari ST and Apple II/IIGS support would also be a nice addition. Oh, and if you do SMS and GG, TwoMBit is on Linux as well, but it's one of those cycle/bus accurate emulators. I've heard old MEKA has a Linux port, too, plus it emulates the ColecoVision and Othello MultiVision. I'm kinda operating on the assumption that PiPlay is also Linux-based. It'd be kinda fun to have DOSBox or similar x86 emulator, even if it would run poorly, although Tandy1000 emulation would actually come in handy.

    Shows my emulation age saying this (and probably a large part of linux ignorance, too; I know little about cross-platform porting for programs), but you've forced my hand by implementing a few obscure emulators. I'm familiar with Stella and VICE, but if DGen has game compatibility issues, I might suggest tinkering with the old, old, really old Genecyst. It worked with every non-SegaCD and 32x game I threw at it (though this was before I'd heard of Virtua Racing), and it performed outstandingly on a 486DX2@66MHz with MS-DOS. There's also NESticle, but even though I've never used MESS (I know, a sin) I recognize the name, so if it works fine, that's fine.

    Continuing on the Gen emulator, however, I am confused why you didn't use Gens or, my personal favorite, Kega Fusion, the latter of which I know has a Linux port anyway, and while I can't speak for a Pentium II@300MHz (the approximate performance of a gen1 Pi), I remember it running okay on a pre-MMX Pentium@166MHz w/Win95 and swimmingly on a Pentium3@600MHz w/Win2000NT. I expect you may have a good reason for not using Kega/Gens in the first place, and honestly, I'm too lazy to check the forums right now anyway :-P .

    Also, while I recognize SNES9x is good for accuracy and game compatibility, my experience has been ZSNES works better for speed and system compatibility. I got ZSNES to work well on my Pentium 1, but SNES9X was out of reach until I got a Pentium 3.
    Gameboy? I hate emulating the platform. It seems like every time I try, it never quite runs as well as it should, no matter what program or rig, save one I used to use on the PSP, I think it was called RIN or something. You may want to look into it, the only game I never got working on it 100% was Shantae.

    And yes, please continue work on PS3 controller support; I don't have a 360 stick, and while I'm more than fine with using a keyboard, I'm mostly doing this for my friend, and he's very anti-PC gaming.
  • any chance to get the "Official 7" Raspberry Pi Touch Screen" to work with PiPlay.
    It's working fine with other OS. But i can't get it to work with PiPlay.
    The touch option is not my mayor focus but i would like to use the display for a small arcade that can also be used to display e.g. youtube videos.
    ### solution ### i did not do the OS update on the PiPlay SD Card ( on all other cards i did the update of course). Everything working fine now....
  • Make it compatible with the raspberry pi 3, I can not get it to work.
  • I would LOVE to see custom scripts functionality. I mean, anyone using piplay, retropie or any other, is probably building a system themselves. If I want to make a rotating disco ball appear whenever you save a state it should be possible without diving into source code stuff. The easiest way would be to simply look for scripts with specific names in specific folders and execute whatever it finds there if anything exists. That way people can just write their py codes for any situation they want, like when booting, opening a specific emulator, closing etc.

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