Feature Requests: What do you want to see in PiPlay?
  • hey, that's pretty awesome. I imagine that it probably will. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I'll pass it along to Shea.
  • Is it possible to share mame high scores over the internet with a friend?
  • @SteveJ - yep. Just shoot him an email :D
  • Heh, good answer, but that's not going to annoy him as much as having my name show up on his machine!
  • haha, yeah. We might implement something like that in the future. I'm not exactly sure what it would take.
  • Support for Game Genie would be awesome. Unless it is already supported then please explain how to use it for the different emulators? Do you need the Game Genie Roms?
  • It would be nice to have an icon that's linked to Pandora. That way you could listen to some music while the PiPlay is idle on the menu...
  • Hi ! Maybe à dreamcast emulator ? :)
  • - MSX Emulator
    - WiiMote easy install option

  • Just one thing to say... everything is the ennemy of the best! Retrogaming with a wiimote... not really my view of retrogaming ;-)
  • I use my wiimote sometimes, for convenience.
  • This may seem pointless or useless to some but I would like to boot straight into a game, no menus.
  • @djwink, you can do that, just check the forums.
  • I would like a lot a C128 version of Vice like on Windows O.S. :(
  • So, I am new here and maybe I have overlooked something, but I would like to see Atari 8 bit emulation. A system like the 65 XE, 800 XL, or similar. I would also like to see ps3 dual shock controller support. I am loving piplay. Keep up the great work.
  • Better emulation of Midway Games.. specifically Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam.
  • I'd like the option of being able to add PicoDrive for Genesis since it supports 32x and SegaCD.

    Also it would be neat if there was a way to map a save state or emulator/bios menu button to a extra controller button.
  • @gamerdad09 - you can add extra mappings, but it's on an emulator by emulator basis. Some support it, some don't.
  • As a noob to piplay, the main issue I have is that I have no idea which roms will and won't work, and there are just so many clones etc. I therefore find a game I want and then copy the all the clones and roms I can find for that game and try each one till I get one that works. I then want to delete the others. Being able to delete within the mame list would be awesome, but failing that, at least being able to see the darned file name would help! Once it's scraped, there is no way I can see where I can actually see which file names match which description, and therefore I can't tell what to keep and what to delete. The only way I can do this is to copy the roms one at a time, test, delete, copy the next one etc. It takes so long! Might be my noobness and possibly there is another way to do this so please let me know. A list of good working roms for each emulator would be good too, then maybe I wouldn't need to do this process anyway?

    I'm just setting up my Pi2 for this but to be honest after a few days spent just getting a couple of dozen working games set up I'm starting to think wiring a PC into the cabinet would be a lot easier, as the emulators seem to run a lot better (loads of games that don't work on the Pi seem to work OK using mame32 or 64 for example).

    PiPlay is a great system though, and has loads of different emulators, so I'd like to try and stick with it if I can find a way of working a bit quicker finding working roms.

    Does anyone have a recommended list for example that are tried and tested on advmame or mame4all?
  • @ReedyHudds - in the latest update (coming soon) I have implemented game descriptions, along with that, it will show the file name and number of times that the game has been played. You can also set titles as favorites, so that you can remember which one you like.

    As for roms not working, you need version .106 for advmame and version .37b5 for mame4all. I recommend running your roms through clrmame pro. It can sort and rebuild sets for you. The user interface is really terrible, so you are going to want to go step by step through a tutorial
  • Thanks so much, sounds perfect. I've also started using the ftp client instead which is much better, means I can add and delete files using the PC, whereas before I was copying the file using the web rom uploader, testing on the pi, then coming out of piplay and going into the rom folder and deleting, then exiting back into piplay again etc. And for now I just tell it NOT to scrape the folder, that way I just see the file names as a list.

    I'll definitely take a look at the app you mention, I can't tell from the roms which are which so that will be very helpful.

    Thanks for your reply @mholgatem.
  • Only being a new user theres a few things for me that would be awesome.

    1) A better controller setup interface so that we can actually see what buttons to what.
    ie when you select NES from the controller setup menu it would then display a pic of the control with all current mappings. When you press the given button it will highlight the controller button OR just the background behind the mapping information.

    This would allow me to see if a controller has been setup and the config saved. it also means the user could make specific changes to 1 button only.

    Currently i have a USB-SNES adaptor plugged in but sometimes the config doubles on one key.

    2) Support for AIM-TRAK light guns for PSX/MAME so that games like timecrisis and point blank and house of the dead would work with it.
  • My request is to add a facility to this website that holds and promotes the download/creation of templates to be used with PiPlay. Also a good tutorial on how to make a template would be really cool...
  • Support for a newer build of MAME would be something I would like included.
    Not sure if its an issue with PiPlay or the Raspberry Pi, but the current version of MAME in piPlay is waaaay to old.
  • @visy My understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that there is some tweaking to the code of the included emulators, but they are all not of them self completely written from scratch by @mholgatem or @ssilver2k2 . The Pi is older hardware that was limited in part by it's dated architecture, hence the older MAME versions with older rom support.

    You can bet because of the Pi 2, with it's much faster processor and extra memory, that more emulator development will start or resume. They're barely scratching the surface of what it can handle. I recently stumbled upon a thread where someone got a decrypted rom set for Street Fighter 3, a CPS3 game, running on the Pi 2. That is incredible!
  • +1 Samba.

    I've installed it manually but it would be good to have it integrated.
  • Hey guys
    Your doing a great Job, i love your work.
    It would be cool if it would be possible to install a coin Counter.
    I`m building a Cocktail table and would like to use it as a piggy bank :-)
    Greetings from Switzerland
  • @audiofreak I don't think anything special has to be written for this. I believe you just need a working coin mechanism that utilizes a microswitch. You would set the microswitch as your coin button in the arcade emulators. You should be able to buy a digital microswitch counter and connect it to your coin microswitch so that it also adds +1 to the counter when it detects an accepted coin has passed through the switch. I'm unsure how you would connect a trusty old school analog counter, but I'm sure it is possible with some tinkering.

    example digital Microswitch counter: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290642144325
    (This one can be reset so when you empty out your piggy bank cabinet, you could reset the coin count.)
  • @gamerdad09 thaks for your input, odered a electric coin couter at aliex....com for 20 Dollars.. Lets see if i can make it work ;)
  • Useful options for roms with / without images:
    - delete roms without images with a script like scrape_script.py
    - no show roms without images from the gui.
    - delete roms one by one from the gui.

  • Would be nice if you can get SDL / framebuffer and the PiTFT to play nicely together (vs having to use fbcopy).
  • I would like an option within the PiPlay GUI to rotate the menu to vertical. Ideally this option would also rotate all of the emulators as well, but those can be done individually if needed. Right now I just have the Pi itself rotated universally by editing the bootconfig, but as other users have mentioned, this uses a significant amount of system resources to do. It would be nice to let the Pi itself run normal, but to rotate PiPlay and all of the emulators to help the system run faster.
  • I would like to have the Atari 2600 emulator back and a Nintendo 64 emulator.
    cheers! Love pi play.
  • @Rom_boss: Re Atari 2600, this might help - http://pimame.org/forum/discussion/1641/where-is-atari#Item_3

    (note that this was with a stock image and not the PiPlay image so YMMV)
  • A one click/toggle method to get from pimame menu to x and then back to pimame menu would be convenient
  • In the Web interface I wish I could scroll through the games easier. The description field is so big that it takes forever to find a game.
    Also it would be nice to be able to select a system and then have it show all games for that system. Currently I can filer by system and then try to find what page the system is on. This is difficult if you have a lot of games.
  • I am New to Pi stuff and piplay and a bit presumptuous at times.

    But I'd like to see something in the guy for display management. Rotation and ratio that not only configs the Pi but also the games. I have a display that rotates and would be nice to be able to make the most of it. Also controlling the upscale if we can. I'l rather clean square pixels over blurry ones.

    AlsoUser theming could be interesting.
  • @EkDor - A lot of the rotation and things would be pretty hard for us to manage on a per user/game basis.

    By user theming, do you mean creating a theme in piplay, or on the forums? If you mean in piplay, then YOU CAN! It has always been my hope that we build a community of users that create lots of themes. So far (except for the default theme) I have created all of the current theme. If I get some good themes submitted to me, I'd love to create a theme downloader. If you go into /home/pi/pimame/pimame-menu/themes/ you can see all of the currently installed themes. Just copy one of those folders and rename it. In each folder, there is a file called theme.yaml. That file sets up colors and most of the theme. There is a file in pimame-menu/themes/ called theme - documented.yaml, it give you a description of what each of the settings do in your theme.yaml file.
  • love to see the following in it
    ms-dos (dosbox)
    pc engine/TurboGrafx 16 (Mednafen)
    dreamcast (not sure if any emulator really works)
    master system (OsmOse)
    Game Gear (OsmOse)
    minecraft (Minecraft: Pi Edition)
    apple 2 (LinApple)
    nintendo 64 (mugen64plus)
    Doom (PrBoom)
    Duke Nukem 3D (eDuke)
    gameboy color
  • How about n64? I have seen videos of mugen64plus running smooth on the RPI2.
  • Customizable keyboard presses for input. I would like to change the buttons associated with save states for the i-pac board for the NES emulator.
  • I assume that PS2 is too much for the hardware? +1 for N64, that'd be brilliant!
  • Another +1 for XBMC on PiPlay (or PiPlay from XBMC)
  • Indeed, Kodi (but I'd even settle for Gotham).
  • Here are my suggestions for PiPlay:

    - When playing a game, set cursor back on it when quitting, instead of going back to 1st game in list

    - Game image display of too slow when navigating in gamelist.
    I'd like to see the image of each game I select, immediately, for fast seeking. Just like MAME UI on Windows, to give an example.
    I guess there is a timer to display image only if cursor don't move for a moment, but I'd prefer no delay, since we have right-click to do fast-paged movements
  • I would like to have the option to hide some of the games that are unsuitable for children.
  • Maybe asking a bit much but here's my suggestions if at all possible: (With a Pi 2)

    Any type of Killer instinct that is the nearest quality to arcade versions:

    * Killer instinct 1 and 2 - Ultra 64 or method of running standalone / had one once that would run standalone outside of mame and did not rely upon using Mame of any type. (PC format)

    * Killer Instinct 1 & 2 (via mame emu not sure which would work but needs rom and chd - not sure if PI does CHD's?)

    * PSP (PPSSPP? - pi not up to it?)
    * M.U.G.E.N (pc only? Wine only?)
    * Daphne (seems too much for pi2 or am i wrong?)- free to use or play!
    * Actonmax (same as daphne? too heavy?- free to use or play!
    * Neoraine/Raine? (Surely this maybe doable?)

    At a stretch:

    * Terrordrome (although a pc only game - opensource kindof!- hxxp://terrordrome-thegame.com/)

    * UK Pub Fruit Machines were the best, like Andy Capp and Roadhog (unlikely as Shea is from US. (Hardly likely) - hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gGp4MDgtUc

    * Future Pinball and Virtual Pinball would be great although not sure if possible!:*
  • Also, have not tried these yet but Sega 32X/Sega CD/Mega CD? Unless they work already?
  • Other PI2 Pipe Dreams include:

    * Section on main menu that maybe read only but shows set Generic Control(s) or Controller Instructions Image Page or image for basic install (which you can set or change at basic level or just user discretion - i.e pulling info from an sql or similar database to show in a text or read only text box that has the current value of whatever controller graphic that you click on or have already saved and selected/or shows that info in a side box)

    * An editable page that fills the screen that shows pics of controllers and the controls you currently have set for them to help with working out which button or joystick angle does what! (Even better show which buttons you have chosen as a consequence of selecting those buttons in a separate menu from what is currently set. (Maybe upload a pic of your controller to PI-Mame and have a section at the side which shows what keys are set to which button etc.

    * Additional Museum section (or on which supposed rom's work with each particular emulator for PI2 especially. (i.e romset info and what roms will work if you own the rom or cartridge etc for each and every console or arcade platform.)

    Just a thought!

    Just need my arcade controls to arrive in the post and im away!


    MY PI-PLAY ARCADE SPEC SO FAR - Not built yet - need more wood!
    * Raspberry Pi 2
    * PiPlay - Version 0.8 beta 9 (or latest latest - http://blog.sheasilverman.com/
    * US8 Encoders x 2

    Not delivered yet but cheap if i get them:
    Probably clicky buton and joystick although apparently 8 way plus cheap buttons (1st Arcade build effort)
    * 2O Butt0n & 2 Joyst1cks - bidding on!

    * 2 x working images - Micro SD cards
    ----- ARCADE ONLY:------------------------------------------------------:
    1 x Verbatim Class 10 32gb Card = 29.50 gb'ish image - Using SLIDE Theme
    ----- CONSOLES & NEOGEO Spectrum-PSX------C64--Atari --ETC---------------:
    1 x San-disk Ultra Class 10 - 32gb Card = 29.70 gb'ish image - Using PIWORLD Theme

    I have a few questions if your able to help:

    * Does anyone know if it is better to run PiPlay via a PI2 AND A SMALL Micro Sd card and a use a usb drive to mount the image like i used to with RA5BMC or should I do what i have done recently and strictly use a a Sandisk 32 ultra £12 and 32gb Verbatim Micros SD card £8, which i thought were the best cards on the market for the Pi2?

    * Is this possible? If so so can anyone give me a link to easiest form of similar instructions? (PI2)

    * What is the best card to use to make full advantage of PiMame using a RASPBERRY PI2 if different to above? especially to get the extra 10% out of NEOGEO games which seem to only be running at 85-90% spped of the original at the moment?

    * Can you use videos for each emu to show up in each emu category as it seems you can only do it only on boot screen?!?

    Maybe i need a a few separate post and a new thread? Let me know.

    Thanks again for everyone involved in making PIMAME what it is so far!
  • I'd love to have ColecoVision and maybe Intellivision support. I still have the original controllers :]

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