Feature Requests: What do you want to see in PiPlay?
  • Thanks dubstylee i didnt know that. So is gamepad support in menus smth we may pray for?
  • Would it be possible to add support for light guns such as the AimTrak, for those shooter games like time crisis?
  • Just an other thought:can you upload -along with standard piplay images-the berryboot ones?Maybe on a different section of this site?
  • @Haris1977
    Berryboot images are a good idea :D
  • Piplay inside Raspbmc/openelec? Is that possible?
  • That was one of the thresholds for the kickstarter campaign that wasn't hit. I think that sometime in the future, Shea does plan to build a module for raspbmc though.
  • Better and quicker UI (i think that Retropie has the best so far) but there is always room for improvement! Also ps3 wireless controller support! Is that possible?
  • You would have to get a bluetooth dongle for your Pi, but then you should be able to get a PS3 controller to work, I would imagine.
  • I do have a bt dongle. In Retropie though there is an automated ps3 script that does all the job for you. I mean smth like that;)
  • That's just a ps3 controller script (they are all over the place). You can just add the script to your ./.profile and it will auto run on startup
  • How can i do that? I am a linux noob i am just starting to learn. Can y show me some links and how to do it?
  • A screensaver option. I've already gotten some burn-in from the ultra white background of the selection screen, had to switch over to Tron theme.
  • @racoonfrenzy
    Yeah. That's a must..
  • Maybe with the rom scraper get information about the game? Like title, description, release year... And display this info together with the image in the game list.
  • @bramd - We will be adding that a bit later, we are working to build a faster database on which to search.
  • Can we add highlight and select sound effects to the piplay menu?
  • @luisusmc
    If you have version .8beta4, Then they should already be there. navigate to /home/pi/pimame/pimame-menu/themes. Each folder contains a theme, or you can duplicate a folder and rename it to create a custom theme. There are 4 supported sound effects: menu move, menu select, menu back, menu navigation (clicking the arrow buttons).

    There is a template called 'theme - documented.yaml', it explains what everything does. To edit colors, background, highlighting, sfx, you need to edit the file called 'theme.yaml' that is located inside the theme folder that you want to edit.
  • Thanks currently on0.8.3 will be upgrading shortly.
  • I'd like to see a "favorites" and "recently played" section show up either on the main menu, or a top top of the rom browser within an emulator selection.
  • @harusp3x - Are you a mind reader? I just started working on a way to implement a recently played section!
  • I know you're trying to put all emulators in one distro, but it would be nice to have an Arcade only build with one menu for mame, neo geo and FBA
  • @pfunk237 - You can edit the /home/pi/pimame/pimame-menu/config.yaml file to hide any emulators that you don't want. just set their 'visible' property to False
  • doah...ok didn't think of that.
  • Better xin-mo integration for 2 players if possible
  • rom scrapper:
    show unrecognized files too (maybe at the end of the list? something like «??? awesome-rom.zip»?)

    i'm using neogeo folder instead of fba's folder because items that fba can play will be listed here while the same game has no entry in list if moved to fba directory.
  • hmm... it should show unrecognized files too. I'll check into that
  • ok, so I checked into it and fixed it so that it will display them even if there is no match found - it should be available with the next update. BTW, you can also add your own entries to /home/pi/pimame/pimame-menu/assets/dat/final burn.dat
  • Pretty n00bish here. But.

    1. Whichever site you are indexing to find rom images/titles when scraping fba folder should be the same site indexed when scraping neo geo folder as well. Much more return.

    2. Way to quick select psx-rearmed games from the piplay menu item instead of selecting to run specific Bios and finding your media. Maybe pinning the games you insert into the psx roms folder (pi>pimame>roms>psx) to the menu somehow. If this is not possible to do in update, is there a way to custom display in this way and assign the correct bios to boot for each rom that you wish displayed?
  • @cpropster -
    1.yeah, we should. But I'm actually considering building a site that will give us custom access. Right now, I have built a collection of 12,229 images, plus reformatted them into several categories. So hopefully we can make them available. piplay 8beta5 will be out soon, and I added a local image flag to the scraper. So you can grab your own files, throw them into your image folder and then the scraper will compare their names to the names of your roms.

    2. I haven't dealt much with the psx emulator. If it supports runtime flags, then yeah, we can do that. Otherwise, we are at the mercy of the emulator. When I have some time, I'll look into it.
  • Any chance of a menu button for xin-mo config. It could ask you to config as many buttons and joysticks as you have connected and then you could have a escape function once you have finished config all the joysticks and buttons you have. Realy nice for setting up 2 joystick play?

    Also support for marquees, there is a really cool wide led display you can buy for changing the marquees as you change games in mame. Anybody done this?
  • @Gavat4r - uh, erm, what? I'm not quite sure what you are getting at with the xin-mo thing. Do you mean in the controller config utility that assigns the buttons for emulators? If that's the case, I am currently working on building in player 2 configs.
  • I'd like to see the Cabrio Front End working. Looking at the Cabrio development list, Cabrio will compile and execute for the Pi, but it was X performance that was an issue:


    In light of this new accelerated X driver that might no longer be an issue:


    It would be a major improvement to have a fancy frontend like Cabrio on the Pi.
  • And as I read more....

    It looks like the X path is a dead end. So, nevermind...


    1. Is it possible to set up the main menu to list the ROMS only, listing their emulator alongside? So that clicking on a ROM title just calls the relevant emulator. It would work well if you only play a chosen selection of roms.

    Would this be a nightmare to make it work?

    2. In the main menu as it stands (0.8beta4) one useful label would be "Return to Desktop" or similar to get straight to Raspbian. I tried to get it to work but it just kept returning to the PiPlay front end.

  • @mholgatem thanks for the help.

    Stoked for 8.5 and another big thanks to all the work you and shea put in.

    Player 2 configs straight from the controller setup drop would make life pretty nice. Is this something thats going to be in 8.5?

    And like I said im pretty new to this whole thing, but, I have bought xin-mo since there are so many threads on solving xin-mo 2player compatibility issues. But have you had better experience using different boards? Let me know what works best. I was looking at the gpWIZ40. But if not I will just stick with xin-mo

  • @cpropster

    Below is an alternative that will work 100% as this emulates the keyboard keys (i.e. usb keyboard encoder). I think you can just get them from ebay and (@mholgatem - correct me if I'm wrong) they are quite easy to setup.


    This is the keyboard mappings to the pinouts:

  • thanks @mephistod

    ill order one up today.

    taj mahalo.
  • @CuzSteve - It would be a huge pain to set that up, but I plan on working on a section that will list all of your recent roms. I believe that Shea has worked in a way to exit to desktop in the new version that is coming out.

    @cpropster - I'm not sure if it will be in 8.5 or not, but I can confirm that it is working and I have submitted it for approval. So it should be available soon.
  • @mholgatem - Sort of guessed it might be a headache, thanks for the answer.
    Good news about the exit to desktop that will save me a lot of time.
    Looking forward to 8.5, thanks again for all your hard work guys this is a very good project that you've obviously spent quality time on to get to this stage. thanks for the TRON theme too, it matches the overlay on my controls perfectly :)
  • Has anyone seen the Ignition project on kickstarter?
    To no surprise, I scrolled down to see that Shea has already backed it
  • @Conno - yeah, i've been talking with the guy running it. It's going to be programmed mostly in Java and a little bit of C. It looks like a cool project if he can get the social aspect of it running as well as it looks on his demo.
  • Such good ideas from everyone. Keep them coming! And big big kudos to Conno123009 and mholgatem for all the work they've been doing.
  • @SSilver2k2
    Thanks Shea! Glad to help.
  • Dreamcast would be great. i see a Debian version of lxdream but it was last updated in 2009.
  • Any chance we can get the ability to cycle through some mp3s while in the main menu as Id like to leave the Pi running idle and have it do something while Im away from it kinda like the old arcade boxes would demo the game and entice you with random sound bits from the game. I think maybe someone else may have asked for a screensaver while in the main menu as well. Thank you Gents your work is outstanding. Dumb question here though I see this project has been around for about two years? if I wanted to help by sending a donation to further fund this endeavor can I still do it through the kickstarter site?
  • Finally unpacked my Pi after having it for a couple of months, had a version of PiPlay that was just as old and as soon as I booted, ran auto update and BAM! I'm up and running. Great work guys, really excited for the future and to also give Ignition a try (perhaps a partnership of the sort will come down the road).

    Two things I noticed that may be nice during setup:

    1. A quick representation of disk space used/allowed in the web interface, maybe just a df output on the Tools menu? I found while I was FTP'ing that my files were going to 0 bytes, took me a while to realize I had to reallocate space on my SD card from raspi-config.

    2. Custom splash screen or animation? This may be more of a noobie linux question I can answer with a few google searches but figured I'd ask anyway.

    Edit - I forgot number 3!

    3. Any chance to add in an N64 emulator in the future? I saw some articles showing it works, and a link to some compiled code which points to... Shea's blog for download!
  • @djgalmarini - N64 [probably] won't ever be able to run on the standard raspberry pi flavors. It's just too much for it. The reason that ps1 is able to get away with it, is that the architecture is much more similar.

    as for the custom splash screen, you can do that. Just replace /home/pi/pimame/PiPlay.mov

    yeah, we may be able to output the disk space on the web rom-loader (I know its doable, it's just if there's enough demand for it)
  • A stand alone program we can run as a mock up theme creator to help testing and making themes faster? Maybe a drag and drop interface to move things around, edit fonts within ect
    Might seem daft but the reset time multiplied by every little change we make adds up plus those that are noobs to rpi (like me) who love every helping hand we can get :D

    Have the controller config ignore already used inputs per controller

    Have the controller config also do others players
  • @Pongo - I have already added 2nd player support to the controller config. It's just awaiting approval from Shea and should be available in the next update.
  • Thanks mholgatem - I'd like to second (or third, or 28th) the request for HiFi or Wolfson audio card support as well. I know there is likely no need for Wolfsons 5.1/7.1 audio support, but the prices are similar so thought it was worth mentioning.

    Also along with luisusmc's request, I was thinking the same for some background music while selecting your emulators or games, or while the unit sits idle. But based on the processing I see going on the Pi right now that may be a little overbearing for the little guy to handle that much.

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