Feature Requests: What do you want to see in PiPlay?
  • For me... an MSX support (openMSX for example) will be great ;)
  • Neo Geo Pocket emulator :o!
    SNK vs CAPCOM and Last Blade were epic on this little one... (like many others i must say... Metal Slug, Samourai Shodown, KoF R2...)
  • Could this kind of script be inclued in your piplay image ?http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=74702
    It's kind of awesome! And with it no need anymore of ipac, xin-mo or others B-)
    (but to be honest i still don't know how IT really works :-P)
  • That's an i2c chip, which raspberry fully supports. It is a micro-controller that basically allows you to expand 2 pins from the raspberry pi to an additional 8 or 16 pins. I was going to write up a tutorial on how to do it, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. You can google adafruit + i2c, they have some introductory videos on their site about it.
  • I may have missed a solution for this but I would like to see the Actual Game names in the new front end instead of the file names. Some of those FBA file names are hard to figure out what game they are. Thanks
  • @Lpolski, I actually happen to be working on a solution for this right now.
  • Out-of-the-box support for the GP-Wiz40 and related products. The buttons seem to work but the axes do not. Thanks!
  • @hank
    That's why Shea did the kickstarter :)
    How's it going?
  • @Conno123009
    It's going well. Also, I just sent you a private message.
  • alphabetical order in roms list and be able to create folders to separate games by genre.
  • Alphabetical order is being worked on. Genres may come in future.
  • good to hear. navigating through roms can be hard when u have to hit down 100 times if u have 100 roms. maybe when we do "left" we could go big steps when listing. like on fba's menu.
  • Swap Dgen for Kega Fusion for all Sega related emulation and better button mapping for Xbox 360 wireless controller is a must. Other than that I wanna say good job so far. Your operating system has helped understanding command shell a lot more better. Thank you.
  • Oh sorry and 1080p resolution for video output. Cheers again.
  • Is it somehow possible to create a menu like the one in mame (Tab) for every emulator. This would make it easier to map controls & configure basic options.....
  • Alphabetical order and skip down romlist fast will be in beta 4. Kega Fusion isn't ported yet, I don't think.
    Mame style menus is tricky. Very. Sorry
  • ;-( just thought I would ask.
  • Its a good idea though ;)
  • I was thinking of building a script that would run through all of the emulator button configs and allow you to assign each button accordingly, but I'm not sure that I am going to have much time in the near future.
  • Thanks for update conno, any idea when it could be ported. :-) Keep up with it mholgatem. I think that is exactly what the program is missing. I'll keep playing dgen rc 5 on it in meantime.
  • @mholgatem I reckon if you could find the time... You would halve the posts on this blog. Lol
    It would defiantly set Piplay superior from the others and make it easier for those with limited experience.
    In saying that.... I am more than happy to wait however long!
    Thanks ;-)
  • Hello everyone I'm new, thanks for all for great work!!! , I would like to ps3 controller :)
  • I would love to be able to play Super Mario All-Stars without the controller switching over.
  • Thank you for PiPlay! I have an arcade machine that has been dying for a while. I was able to replace most of it's aging guts with a Raspberry Pi thanks to this project!

    Feature Requests:
    - The ability to SSH into the Raspberry Pi without the PiPlay menu running
    - The ability to upload additional "assets" to the various MAME Emulators (Samples, Artwork, etc)
    - The ability to kill all emulator services and restart the PiPlay menu from the webpage (just in case your button mappings are incorrect and you can't do it from the arcade controls)
    - A dedicated forum for PiPlay 0.8 beta to log bugs or issues ;)
  • @LogicallyRogue,

    ssh - I literally just talked to Shea today about this. He keeps meaning to implement it, but it just keeps getting forgotten. He has now has it written on his whiteboard of things to add. In the meantime you can do this (this is what I have in mine)

    sudo nano ~/.profile

    Then find the 4 lines that run the xbox driver and the python launchmenu and replace it with this:
    if [ -n "$SSH_CONNECTION" ]; then
    echo "Welcome to the Grid, User..."
    sudo xboxdrv --silent --config /home/pi/pimame/config/xboxdrv_mapping.cfg --dbus session &
    sudo python /home/pi/pimame/pimame-web-frontend/app.py &
    cd /home/pi/pimame/pimame-menu/
    python launchmenu.py
    You don't have to include the echo "Welcome to the Grid, User..." part, I just have a tron themed arcade, so I figured why not go all out?

    assets - I am currently working on the ability to create themes right now, but on the side I have started a rom scraper that will be able to pull extra assets from the web and integrate them into the interface.

    restart piplay - This is a good idea. Right now, you can ssh in and type 'sudo reboot', but you are right, it's a pain in the butt to totally reboot. I'm sure that we can work something in. We are also planning to work on building a controller config menu. That way there is no more guess work when configuring your controllers.

    dedicated forum - could be useful. I meant to talk to Shea about adding a tag system to the forum so that we can easily keep track of specific problems and version numbers.
  • Could we please have XBMC on the new build as well?
  • I wouldn't count on seeing xbmc for a while. There are still a lot of other pressing issues that need to be worked on. Personally, I would just get a second sd card and load an image of xbmc on it, or load up NOOBS and throw the images on it
  • Is there any possibility of a newly developed optimized SNES emulator? Pocketsnes and PiSNES are both hit and miss and have performance issues. Thank you for all you guys hard work btw!
  • A screensaver with screenshots of games?
  • Bonjour a vous et félicitation pour votre logiciel...
    Can you add some emulators like Atari ST, Amiga, and Zx-81 ??? I ll love to play again to jet set willy and some king quest/sierra oldies ?

    Thks !
  • A better UI?
  • @Abadfederico
    Theme support is coming.
  • thegamesdb.net api integration for UI info\images.
  • @neogeo123 - it's coming :)
  • Excellent!! :D
  • fast browser like EMULATIONSTATION, in case not havent seen go here:
  • and keybord optional. not essencial like in case of exiting to prompt, only with the keybord you can return to the UI.
  • Built in support for jycal and jytest. I need to be able to remap my contoller's axis.
  • Any news on when next version is out?
  • @CrazyLocoGuy - soon, but no definitive date yet. The next version is a BIG step toward our end goal. There are a ton of new features and utilities that will help bring everything together.
  • Looking forward to update got new SD card to test new features when they are implemented.
  • I would love to see a nds emulator or a more advanced gba emulator with cheats, save states etc. Also it would be great if the download was a bit smaller. Great work so far, loving it!
  • @dabamajo
    The problem with nds emulators, is that they require a surprising good CPU to run. Even on a decent tablet or phone like an S4, it runs unplayably slow :(
  • ps3 controller support
  • Frontend Volume control? Maybe a slider to control the volume on systems that are in cabinets.

    amixer set PCM -- 100% <--Full Volume
  • @racoonfrenzy - BAM! (the code for that is already written and ready to go with the next release. In the main menu, you will have a popup menu with lots of configuration options (volume control is the top option!)
  • Awesome! I was trying to piece together some code for that earlier today in the app.py without any luck. Great job guys!
  • Turbo Graphics 16 emulator would be a nice addition to the PiPlay.
  • 1) PS3 (wireless i mean + bluetooth dongle) support with Game Pad Controller (ps3?) Support in Menu !!! That would be great !!! Get rid of that keyboard !!

    2) Wireless joystick support (?) + support in menus (e.g logitech f710)

    3) Wireless keyboard support (?) --> i dont have one and i dont know if now people may use it

    Question: Are we away from these 3 thoughts?? Thanks!
  • Wireless keyboard works fine. Wireless USB controllers work fine.

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