Feature Requests: What do you want to see in PiPlay?
  • Hello,
    I'm trying to get PiMAME to work with a pair of Buffalo SNES USB controllers. Booting with them plugged in doesn't give me any control over menu selection. I have to plug a keyboard in, select MAME4ALL, and then the controller will work in the second port. However, the buttons aren't mapped correctly and I have to use the keyboard to escape out. I understand button re-mapping is probably necessary, but would like to see if default controller mapping and recognition can be included in upcoming releases for this controller.

    Let me know if you can assist. I'd be happy to ship you a pair of the controllers to get this working. Thanks.
  • Gamepad support is coming
  • Possible voice recognition (Like kinect) To pick games from a hub?
  • Possible voice recognition (Like kinect) To pick games from a hub?
  • Hello,

    it was nice that the LCD Displays of hwlevel.com http://www.hwlevel.com/hwlevel/LCD-PI33/lcd-pi33.html will work with PIMAME.
    I've tried it but it don't work.

    It was nice to have a PIMAME Menu on the Touch-Screen to Change/start/stop/etc. the Game/Emulator and the Game itself runs on HDMI Port.

    Is that Possible?

  • @Swagmanhanna
    I have been playing around with voice recognition so it might be a (crazy) possibility. It might be an optional add-on thing.
  • Hi,
    what about an option to delete not wanted roms in advancemenu directly...
  • Well as of 0.8 we aren't going to use advancemenu. The new menu has ROM listing too. Thanks for the suggestion :)
    We will try to add that into 8.1

  • how about a button configuration utility?
  • Yes, that's something we are working on. I don't know if it will make it into 8.0 though.

  • It would be nice to be able to power-down from within the menu, and not have to dedicate a button to the process.
  • - shortcuts to the emulator config files.
    - the ability to apt-get update/upgrade without completely breaking the system. If some packages need to be kept back, they should. If you need some package customization, put them into your own repository.
  • Hi,
    Could you add support for the hifiberry dac? (http://www.hifiberry.com)
    Even if some of us use hdmi out, sound is throught my amp so... A support of kind of card would be really great!
    (Hifiberry's creator is really helpfull in order to make his dac compatible with a maximum of software running on pi ^^)
  • They are all good ideas, I'll add them to the list later :)

  • - Replace the gameboy advance emulator with: https://github.com/DPRCZ/gpsp, it fixes the config menu.
  • I think PiMame needs to forget consoles that the Pi is hardly able to emulate, such as the N64 or the PS1, and put in more consoles that it is more than capable of doing well. I'm thinking Colecovision, MSX, etc. I'd love to have more of the old 8bit consoles in there. There's a lot of source code out there for Wiz versions of those old emulators that I think (in my naive view of programming) could be ported to the Pi without having to re-invent the wheel. Just saying.

    Also would be nice to be able to drop in some good old DOS games there too. DOOM, Magic Carpet, Rise of the Triad, Hexen, that sort of thing. I've had Quake 3 running pretty decently on the Pi - why not Quake 1 and 2?

    The attempt at the built-in XBOX controller mappings are appreciated, but those settings need to be carried through into all of the included emulators. Kinda frustrating to pop into Stella and find out I have to remap all of the buttons again. Something like that would go a long way to polish this thing up.
  • Alright, I do agree with some/most of what you said too :) N64 emulation is pretty slow. Universal control mapping is a must. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • JamesMHT: I agree on all those points. Though I'm keeping PS1 emulation because it's good enough to play the games I/my wife likes ;)
  • A emulator for Amiga?
  • Sure, I'll add that to the list
  • Please can you add a setting to autoboot to a specific emulator. If you soft reset go to main menu
  • MAME stands for multiple Arcade machine emulator. It emulates ARCADE games, like Capcom and Neogeo. What has Amiga and NES got to do with an arcade cab?? My request is to remove everything and let MAME alone. Thanks.
  • A frontend
  • @Rygar - you can just auto boot into one of the various MAME emulators if you don't want access to any of the other emulators.
  • Is the xbox controller support support for the xbox 360 or xbox original controller? It says xbox, which suggests that it's not the xbox 360 controller, but I thought I should check before buying any controllers, as the playstation controller support is planed for a ps3 (When it becomes supported). Thanks :D
  • Hello, perhaps I miss... a new feature in the pimame menu (in 0.8). One icon with secure shutdown: When you selected that icon the rasperry go sleep (command shutdown -h now).
  • @gusman
    I think both, I use original Xbox controller rewired to be USB, but I think 360 might work.
    That's easy to add, just edit the config.yaml file in ~/pimame/pimame-menu
  • Would it be possible to emulate the GBA system link (maybe to use over a LAN)? I think in terms of priorities, I'd like to see the other things on the list before this, but it would be quite cool
  • I'm not sure, great idea though ;)
  • I would like to see bluetooth support for gamepads. I would also like to see Colecovision and Turbo Grafx 16 emulated.
  • Alright, good ideas :)
  • I'm building a cocktail arcade cabinet. Of course, it will have the usual sets of controls on each side of the cabinet with a portrait screen orientation for those two players. I know PiMame will allow you to flip some games when player 1 finishes for player 2, just as it should. So that's cool. But what is even better is this... I really like the idea of adding a THIRD set of controls (two players next to each other) on the side of the cabinet. This allows two players to play games with a landscape screen orientation.

    That way PAC Man is played using with the traditional cocktail controls on the ends, and Street Fighter is played with the ones on the side. With dozens of games loaded, you have to tell Mame which games to display portrait and which games to display landscape, and which controls apply.

    This can be done with a PC mame emulator. Can it be done with PiMame? If not, ThE ABILITY TO SET THE SCREEN ORIENTATION for EACH game would be very helpful.
  • One sort of Autoreturn to menu! In case of any error, just like load rom error user will be stuck at linux prompt, can be an automatic way to return back to selection menu, Im testing the latest version of pimame-0.8.0-beta1
  • I'd love to see an Amstrad CPC emulator in a future release, that would be a nice addition.
    There is #CPC4Rpi which looks good (http://gaming.capsule-sa.co.za/?gamepress_reviews=cpc4rpi-cpc-6128-emulator-for-raspberry-pi)
  • +1 for Spectrum.

    It was a Very very popular here in England in the 1980's. Like the C64 was in the States.

    Unreal & Fuse emulators please.

  • I think that version .8 needs to build a temp file with all of the roms listed in it on initial boot (and also add an option to refresh the list). I finally got around to running .8 and with the amount of roms that I have, it takes several minutes for the rom lists to populate.

    It would also be nice to have a place for box art/screenshots to display when going through the list of games.
  • @mholgatem
    That's a damn good idea!
    I have heaps of ROMs too so it really takes almost 2 minutes.
  • @Conno123009
    Thanks. I'm pretty busy most of this week. But I'm hoping to finally be able to crack open V.8 next week and help make some tweaks.
  • I would appreciate the help :)
  • Hi all. Just got 0.8 running and it's great! One suggestion is that some of the games in MAME have samples that need to be uploaded as part of the game (e.g. the squeak of Mario's shoes in Donkey Kong). Can the ROM uploader web page be updated to add samples?
  • Fig: great suggestion. I'll try to add that in.
  • alphabetical order in roms list.
  • I would love to see rpix86 support :-)
  • FUSE - ZX Spectrum Emulator please.
  • I am new to the site but have been basically living on it since I started building my custom rPi arcade cabinet. I started using the .710 version and got most of what I wanted running. I was able to go into Mama4All, FBA and SNES and modify the config files to get my Tankstick to control the games. It was a bit clunky having to use the text based menu but I was able to edit the menu file to get a slimed down version that only had the options I wanted. I did find the lack of 2 player controls in SNES a disappointment. I decided to try a build of the .82 Beta and liked the initial layout. I edited the menu to hide the emulators that I didn't want to see but corrupted it when I tried to add a option to go to sudo raspi-config. Also controlling the Ui with the tankstick was very slow and un-intuitive. It would be nice to see a single ROMS option that showed a combined list in the format of: Game Name - file name - emulator - Screenshot. Also if there was a single config file that each emulator looked at for key maps, instead of each referencing the global values. I also backed the Kickstarter campaign so I am looking forward to where this leads. Thanks for all the great work, keep it up.
  • Cool
    Also you spelt MAME4ALL as MAMA4ALL. lol :D
  • any thoughts on integrating Jasper into PiPlay? I need to buy a mic before I can mess around with it, but it seems that it would be super easy to integrate.
  • So the big one is I want to play the games with friends but we are not very close so would love to see Netplay added. Mainly for the snes/nes/genesis emulators to start then others if they come up.

    Not sure if this is something people are interested in but I think it would be amazing to have.

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