A Great DIY Project For Beautiful Deck
  • Many people have to replace their porch flooring, decks, or patios every year due to normal wear and tear. Treated lumber degrades over time, boards crack and splinter, and staining it another year isn't going to help much. Concrete patios crack, just no way to get around that. You can live with the small cracks but after a while those cracks can look like the Grand Canyon. You can replace all the deck boards or remove the concrete and pour another one. Here's another option - interlocking deck tiles.

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    The great thing about interlocking deck tiles is that they can be placed right over your porch flooring, decking, or patio. They are specifically made so that anyone can do it; you don't need to hire a contractor (saving you significant money right from the start). As long as your existing flooring is in good shape, the interlocking deck tiles hide unsightly boards and cracked concrete. And because they are an engineered product they'll last a long time.

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