The floor maintains it is very important
  • Note of wood floor choose and buy The floor maintains it is very important to defend actually, do not wait for a floor to be damaged to maintain again. Wet water of wood floor avoid, should retain a floor board at ordinary times dry, clean. Cleaner also needs to each doing his own job, the be soiled that be like oil, candle kind besmirch should be used special go be soiled wipes; bloodstain, fruit juice, red wine oilily to wait to dip in with dishcloth on right amount floor cleaner is wiped etc. Should notice heavy metal acute usually implement, the hard thing such as vitreous ceramics, hobnail, furniture implement, do not allow their cut floor board.

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    In summer of intense heat of summer, floor attention does not insolate; is in dry winter, the floor is easy craze, can increase humidity appropriately indoors. Use wood floor notes fire prevention. Butt cannot lose what go up in the floor, high power electric equipment, the high temperature object such as boiled water crock, furnace also cannot be put on the floor directly, high temperature brings about a floor easily to be out of shape, catch fire even combustion. The about standard of wood floor choose and buy and note of wood floor choose and buy knowledge that above brings everybody namely, the hope is helpful to everybody.

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