quite with floor spelling a flower
  • Generally speaking, lumber density is higher, strength is greater also, quality is better also. But size of choice floor intensity, can inspect use place to differ and different. If sitting room, dining-room, balcony can choose the variety with floor high intensity, and the assortment with relatively some smaller intensity of floor of choice of bedroom criterion appropriate, wait like northeast china ash, beech.

    Room of some old people can choose intensity the willow eucalyptus of general very downy however warmth, southwest birch. If there still is moving possibility inside the near future, so strip floor suits quite with floor spelling a flower, need not use glue laid, when removing, tear open easily outfit; Want the condition that lives for a long time, can use so short a floor spelling a flower, gooey method laid is relatively firm.

    After the style of the floor lives in a style to come down certainly, can choose corresponding floor style. Light looks from the vision, the grain of wooden floor and color have very big difference, formation adornment effect is distinct also. A few youths prefer simple thing, when choosing a floor board they more the type with simple preference.

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