Blank / black screen
  • Two questions:

    1 - So I'm new to all this.. I got RPI 3 Model B, I got Raspbian installed and PiPlay.

    When I reboot it shows PiPlay screen and gave me a message about what button does what. I couldn't do anything. I rebooted again and it boots me into the PiPlay menu where I choose a system I want to play.

    Nothing on my Xarcade stick works, which I understand it might need to be configured somehow.

    If I plug in a keyboard and mouse instead, the keyboard does nothing, moving the mouse causes the screen to go black. Moving the mouse uncovers part of the Raspbian desktop. I have to move the mouse around to every area to get it to display the full desktop. It appears PiPlay has closed.

    Any suggestions on what to do? I only care about playing MAME right now. Still need to get ROMS on.

    2 - Is the MAME romset I still need to use 0.106? I have the latest 0.177 here already.
  • Hello Yuppicide,

    For your first question - I don't know the XArcade stick - but when it is emulating a keyboard, you'll get into trouble when a second keyboard is connected. It's simply not working.
    Try to prevent the Raspian Desktop to start, or end it (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) and relaunch piplay (python
    Start trying with just a keyboard connected.

    Second: I suggest to get a matching ROMset for the MAME versions from the FAQ:
    MAME Rom Sets
    MAME4ALL uses 0.37b5
    AdvMAME uses 0.106

    Even if you have a newer one, it might not work. Because of specific MAME features/issues ROMset has to match MAME version
    With clrMAMEpro (software to check/adjust ROMsets), you might get an individual ROMset out of your source. Good tutorial:

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