MAME - not listing ROMS ?
  • Firstly, just joined, hi all,

    I just discovered PiPLAY, installed the latest version and then installed the Mame emulators using the supplied icon.

    When i run either of the MAME emulators I just get a screen with a nice history of the emulator and a back key.

    If I log in to the web uploader I do get a list of ROMS i copied in from a USB stick.

    I did a search of this forum but no joy.

    Thanks in advance :-)
  • Have you checked that the ROMS are uploaded in the right folder?
    Make sure your PiPlay is connected to the internet and give the ROM Scraper a go. Maybe it sorts things out.
  • I have the same problem but with snes. The roms are in the correct folder and the scraper find 15 games, the pimame-menu also show the number "15" in the snes icon but none of them is listed when I enter in snes, I can see only the "back" and the snes description.
    The roms are correct because I can start them manually from the terminal.
    Thanks in advance!
  • Hey nachito,
    Have you checked in the web frontend if the ROMs appear in the database? If not, that might be the reason.
    Have a look at the output of the scrapper if there is an issue with accessing the database file.

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