General question about RomScraper
  • I cannot find any information about the purpose of RomScraper. What does it do? Do I need it? When do I need it? (I'm a newbie with PiPlay.)
  • the rom scraper will build a database for your games, which will include descriptions, correct titles for games, and pictures. (You need to follow the instructions found here to get the pictures added)
  • Is the scraper also supposed to name the various formats of a file? I have 5 or 6 of one title and it doesn't list the REV of them or anything, I just see multiple of the same arcade Title. The descriptions and photos are correct, it just makes it very difficult to know which version of a game I'm playing. I generated a gamelist.txt and do not know where it should be placed, nor if it will show the REV and differential titles like AdvMenu did/does.
  • in the main list, it will just show the title of the game (not the REV), when you high-lite each game, in the description, it should show you the actual name of the file that it corresponds to. If you have certain versions that you prefer over others, then you can also press 'tab' and set that title as a favorite

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