PiPLAY Booting Issue
  • I have recently downloaded the latest version of PiPLAY and used Win32DiskImager to write the file to my PNY 8GB micro SD card. I found that when I boot up my Pi all I get is a large rainbow square in the center of my TV with black bars on either side of the square. There is also a much smaller rainbow square in the top right corner of the TV. If anyone knows what might cause this to happen and/or how to fix it I would appreciate it greatly.
  • This generally means that your raspberry pi is under powered from your power supply. Is this your first go at it or have you successfully booted with a different SD Image?
  • I have always been able to run the latest image of Raspbian Jessie perfectly but any other operating system doesn't seem to work at all. PiPLAY on the other hand, gives me the aforementioned rainbow screen.
  • Hmm... so only Jessie works? No other OS's? What raspberry pi are you running it on?
  • I am using the most recent Raspberry Pi, the 3 Model B
  • ah, yeah. That image was made before the pi3 came out, so it doesn't have the correct settings. You will have to install the jessie image, then install piplay from the the github repo using these instructions: https://github.com/ssilverm/piplay-installer
    I've got to warn you though, I've never installed it on a raspberry pi 3. I'm not sure how it will work.
  • I downloaded the installer but when I ran it the only app that installed was an atari emultor.
  • did it give you an error or anything?
  • hi guys i have the exact same problem same rasberry etc i didnt try the second fix as it didnt seem to work by the discussion
    I guess Rasperry 3 wont work with PI MAME
  • I actually tried installing the OS on top of Raspbian and it worked perfectly after one reboot.
  • @thermaltake: PiPlay definitely works on the raspi 3. The post from dollerbill (March 3) in the "Raspberry Pi 3!" thread is very helpful. This installation procedure also makes debugging easier because the first step is to get a plain Raspbian Jessie working.
    If your Pi will not boot correctly after installing PiPlay you can easly prevent PiPlay from starting by commenting out the corresponding line at the bottom of /home/pi/.profile so you can do the debugging from this point on.

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