Where can I see the ip address of my Pimame/PiPlay?
  • Hi,
    I am trying to follow a tutorial on uploading roms to my "just-bought" Raspberry PI 2 with Pimame.
    I got this link http://piplay.org/quickstart.html
    but I cannt see where can I check my pimame IP Address :'(
    Can someone help me to find it? (I configured that the pimame hostname be 'raspberrypi' but my computers on the network cann see that name, even though, I can update from internet.

    Or, if I could access to Raspberry PI command line, maybe a linux command can save me like 'ifconfig' but I dont know how to access the linux console either :(
  • it should list it in the upper right hand corner of the main piplay menu. you can also type
    'ifconfig' in the command line to find it.
  • You can download an app for you phone called Fing, it will show all the devices and IP address on your home network.

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