Help with adafruit retrogame

  • Hello!
    I'm very new here and need some help! Over the last few months I've been casually putting together some portable raspberry-pi emulator consoles. The most recent one I've put together is using a pi-zero and built within an original gameboy case. I purchased a gameboy controller pcb (this one so that i could use the original buttons and such(A, B, START, SELECT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). As I am far from a proficient coder getting the pi to recognize the pcb button inputs through the gpio pins was quite the task for me. Using Adafruits RetroGame I was FINALLY able to get emulation-station to work with the controls! However I can only navigate the menus of emulation station... as soon as i launch a game the emulator will not recognize my button inputs. I I've looked around for someone with the same problem and have found a few posts but dont really understand the steps needed to fix the issue. I apologize if this is a common problem and im just re-posting about it!

    Thanks a bunch for any help!



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