Bunch of questions from novice
  • Hello!

    I have Raspberry Pi 3 that I'm planning on using as emulator station. I got newest Jessie Lite and Piplay installed with the script from Github. I got a Playstation 3 controller connected with USB cable and I have uploaded some playstation, nintendo and genesis roms.

    Here's some questions:
    -Playstation rom works pretty good, the only thing is that the controller gets "stuck" from time to time. What I mean is that a character in game (or menu) keeps going to one direction until I push the button again. Weird thing is that its almost always to right. I thought the right button on the PS controller is broken, but I tested it with PS3 and it seems to work well. Any ideas? I haven't installed any additional software for the contoller, just plugged it in and it started to work.

    -NES roms work, but the controller doesn't work. I have done the controller setup in PiPlay -menu, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Only thing that works is the analog pad, but only to right direction, no up or left.

    -Genesis roms wont boot at all. Instead I get really quick error that disappears and boots back to PiPlay. The error says:
    "No state is present for card ALSA
    Found Hardware: "bcm2835" "Broadcam Mixer" "" "" ""
    Hardware is initialized using generic method
    No state is present for card ALSA
    Relaunch 6
    /home/pi/pimame/emulators/dgen-sdl-1.32/dgen: error while loading shared libraries: libarchive.so.12: c" (and here's some more text I cant read since it disappears too fast).

    Since most of my problems are related to the controller, I'm suspecting there is better options compared to the PS3 controller. Eventually I would like to have four wireless controllers. Any suggestions?


    PS. Is PiPlay still a good choice or should I look for something else?
  • The rest of the error message from Genesis emulator is: "cannot open shared object files: no such file or directory".

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