Atari 2600 black screen on start up of a rom. Esc to get out. Also NES just goes back to the menu.
  • Hi all loving PiPlay...

    Using 8b9 and I found the correct roms for mame4all and they work great. But the Atari 2600's just give me a black screen and I can esc back to the menu. Also the NES just goes back to the menu. I dumped the roms in via the menu. I also confirmed the roms worked via emulators on my laptop. So at a lose if anyone has seen this issue.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Also I have an 2b Pi with HDMI to dvi converter with an ipac2 emulator
  • I enabled it in the menu, it just gives me a blank screen. I'll try the play station option.

  • You mean this section?

    To get Stella running on the Pi2:

    1) sudo apt-get install stella
    2) wget
    3) dpkg --install libsdl1.2debian_1.2.15-8rpi_armhf.deb

    If so I will see if a downgrade works thanks.
  • Same here no search results. I tried RetroPie last night, all worked right out of the box. Atari2600, Mame and NES. Just need to fix the second set of controls with the ipac. I tried them first a year ago or so too cloogy, then PiPlay got better now back to RetroPie.

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