Menu configuration.
  • I tried searching could not find. How do we change the menu to remove emulators we do not use. I'm running 8 Beta 9.

  • Duh, I watched the video and will try the menu configuration. What keys do I press on the keyboard to do key setup for emulators?

  • Menu setup rocks. Worked great. Now I just need to find better roms that work. Also research on 2600 and nes as I get a black screen when selected. Still need the key sequence to adjust buttons for emulators.

  • hey there, sorry it took me so long to get back on here. If you want to adjust buttons, you just need to press 'tab' (keyboard) or 'button 3' (gamepad), then scroll to the bottom for 'controller config'. The only one that it doesn't work for is mame4all, you have to set those buttons by pressing 'tab' when you are actually in the emulator (just run a mame4all game). Hope this helps!
  • Thanks I meant to post I found it some where here in the blogosphere.

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