New user having issues
  • So i just inherited a game console system and have determined it is running Raspberry Pi and PiPlay. This is a very nice unit, the prior owner took an old arcade stand-up console and mounted everything into it. At first we turned it on and it booted directly to the PiPlay interface, we connected it to the WiFi and we were able to load an emulator and ROM and play a game. After that we decided to peek around at the PiPlay interface. we went into the piplay update and into the Raspi-Config. Nothing seemed to be happening in the piplay update which is where we went first. So next up was Raspi-Config. In there we went to boot to desktop/scratch....givin my issue is that it boots to desktop now... how can i get this changed to boot directly into PiPlay again?
  • I should note that after the change in Raspi-Config we restarted the unit and now is when it is booting to desktop
  • go into Raspi-Config again, then the boot options, then set it to boot to command line. That should fix it.

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