Briefcase MAME cabinet - Questions from a Newbie
  • Hello all,

    I want to build a MAME system using a Raspberry Pi inside of a briefcase (very much like this one except more finished looking:

    Before I begin I want everyone to know that I'm a PiPlay/Raspberry Pi newbie.

    For the monitor I want to use an old 4:3 aspect ratio monitor (hopefully I can find one at a thrift store inexpensively) and connect it to the RPi using a VGA to HDMI cable (

    For audio I'm going to either tear down a pair of already working speaker or build/buy a small amp for a speaker (either way I'd connect it to RPi's 3.5mm output).

    Question 1: does PiPlay work well with older 4:3 aspect ratio monitors?
    Question 2: Do I need really need dual stereo speakers or would one mono speaker be fine?
    Question 3: How do I decide the arcade control layout? Also, can someone suggest cheap buttons and a low profile joystick (so briefcase can close)

    FYI: I'm using a controller from an old USB keyboard to connect buttons and joystick to RPi 3 (which I have not yet ordered).

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