On launch, PiPLAY is stuck in the background. How to I fix this?
  • I'm running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB
    I've installed the most up to date Rapbian only to find that the PiStore has been discontinued.
    (I'm in the process of building another MAME cab and wanted small form-factor, hence the choice of Raspberry Pi.)
    I followed an installation guide on GitHub.
    PiPlay launches without issue but is stuck in the background and I cannot figure out how to bring it to the front because it doesn't show a tab showing it running.
  • Try to boot to a lower runlevel using raspi-config (text with automatic login was good for me)
  • Forgot to write that if you need to go back to X, you can just exit PiPlay with ESC key and use startx on the command line.
  • @lucaspeed
    Sorry for getting back to you so late. Thank you, it worked perfectly!
  • Glad to hear it!

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