Rasperry Pi Zero?
  • Is PiPlay functional on the Rpi Zero? I've been trying to get it working on a Zero and can't get it to boot even on a fresh install
  • Thanks, that worked!

    If anyone else is trying to get PiPlay working on a Zero - I started with a fresh install of Raspbian Jessie lite. It doesn't come with Python so I installed it with
    sudo apt-get install python3-pip
    then I used the PiPlay installer here with
    git clone https://github.com/ssilverm/piplay-installer
    cd piplay-installer
    bash installer.sh

    and that gave me an error about not having the pygame module, so I finally installed that with
    sudo apt-get install python-pygame

  • Just a question, where did you buy the Zero board? This one is not yet available in my usual providers.
  • I originally ordered one from PiHut, but that board is still sitting in the mail somewhere. Fortunately, Micro Center stores across the US have been getting somewhat regular shipments over the last few weeks. I don't live near any of their locations but I was able to have a friend mail me one. At the moment I believe Adafruit, PiHut and Pimoroni all have the Zero in stock (or did within the last 24 hours). You can check their stock on Whereismypizero
  • I have gone through the setup per dollerbill, thanks for that! but when I go into a web browser to drop the roms in folders, I do not get the nice webpage, instead I get a "Apache 2 Debian default page". So I know it can see the Zero, just not sure if it isn't pointing to correct file or something.. any help would be appreciated.


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