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  • Howdy, new to the board, hope to be around a while. Anyhow...

    I've been working off and on on an arcade machine for about a year now. I was going to use a single board computer I've had for about a decade and change now that I originally bought to build an MP3 player for my car, but looking at the cost of a Pi and the increase in performance I see no reason not to go with it. My one concern though is whether or not I can fully navigate the OS with just a joypad. I have a game pad I bought specifically to tear apart and wire to the buttons of a mini arcade box I have. I know I could do the same with a keyboard, but this just seems like an easier method. There's also the concern of key rollover on keyboards that doesn't affect joypads to the same extent. So, the obvious question here is, can I do literally everything I would need to do with the OS (once initially set up, of course) with just a joystick and eight buttons?
  • Yeah, front end navigation is most of what I'm concerned with. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the remainder of what I would ever need to do once the system is set up can be accomplished from another computer via the web front end, right? Basically I want to avoid ever having to plug a keyboard into this thing, save perhaps for during the initial setup.

    That IPAC thing is pretty cool, too. I always wondered if those sorts of things existed. My personal desire has always been to have a device like that, but one that gives you a connection for every keyboard button. Of course using keyboard hardware would then introduce the ghosting and non recognition issues inherent in keyboards.

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