rotate PiPlay Frontend?
  • Hi folks,

    is there a pos. to rotate the piplay frontend?

    Rotating in the config.txt will work, sure, but then the games in advmame looks not quite good, not the whole screen will used (no chance with the aspect ratio or others in advmame.rc....).

    No-rotation in config.txt and ror=yes in advmame.rc will work perfect in the games, but the frontend isnot rotated, sure.

    Any ideas?

  • I assume you are doing a vertical arcade setup, for games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong?

    That's what I built. I ended up using MAME4ALL instead of advmame and just rotate everything in config.txt. Works well, but I did find that some games fill the screen and others don't quit fill it. Not sure why and in MAME4ALL you can't adjust the screen individually in a game. I played around with advmame for a while, but never got it to run quite right. That's why I compromised on filling the screen and run MAME4ALL.
  • you are right, a vertical setup with a 5:4 (so 4:5) screen.
    I got best results with no rotation in config.txt and a rotation in advmame.rc.
    Aspect ratio in advmame.rc 4:3 !!!!!
    so i got full screen with vertical games.

    for the horizontal ones, i use mame4all (also rotate in the config), because they were automatically a little streched in height. not too much, so it looks fine and gives a good size on the screen. in advmame they are too small in height (but in correct aspect ratio).

    give it a try

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