PiPlay and Pi2 and A-PAC
  • Hy community,

    i want to use PiPlay and a Pi2 and the Ultimarc A-PAC.
    I wanna ust 2 Arcadesticks, some Buttons and 2 Steering Wheels, which the A_PAC should provide.
    Any experiance with the A-PAC Interface? Does it work?

  • I've used an I-PAC VE with great success, just plug and play. But it emulates a keyboard so that makes is very straight forward. I believe the A-PAC emulates a USB game controller. Since PiPlay has a controller setup tool, I assume it will work, but don't be surprised if you have to get into the code to make some tweaks. If you didn't need the steering wheels, I'd say go with the I-PAC instead.
  • thanks atv223.

    i also think so, that the I-PAC2 would suit perfectly for most things.
    But some analog inputs would be nice........ :-)

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