Possible to have multiple instances of a game and/or change Game titles?
  • Hi folks,

    I had downloaded 3 different versions of asteroids. It turns out that they all worked. This actually worked out very nicely for us here because we each would play only one particular version so each had our own high score (it wasn't fun for the kids always being second to daddy :-) ).

    So, can I just create a copy of the game and rename the zip file to something different or will that cause problems?

    Secondly, can I give games custom titles and if so, how? I'd like to do this for two reasons. 1. sometimes the full title is not picked up and you just see the rom file name in the games list. And secondly, where there are multiple instances of a game, I'd like to be able to distinguish between them.


  • yes, you can. If you only have a handful of games in your romlist, you can edit the games in the web interface (it doesn't currently have a good way to navigate lots of games).
    Otherwise, you can download sqlitebrowser and edit the database directly. The database is located at /home/pi/pimame/pmmenu/database/local.db
  • Ah cool - thanks - didn't realise that's how it worked. Wonderful!
  • Just wondering - is there a master DB where it pulls the information for the new ROMs you install? When I edit the data using the web interface it seems to get overwritten when I add new roms.

  • yes, it does pull from a master DB, it's located in the same directory and it's named games_master.db. You can make edits to it, but when we release updates, they may get overwritten. The best way to do it would be to upload all of your roms, then make the changes.

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