ipac controller setup
  • i just built a new pimame game and on the start screen i need to remap my controls to match me arcade cabnet i built
    and is they any certain type of rom that can run on it i have nes ans snes rome
  • i am using the ipac 2
  • i have the ipac 2 need help setting up some key at piplay screen adn in the nes sne and genesis
  • i got the controls working on some emulator but on the snes i get player one working and map player two but when i start a rom player two not working i am using the ipac 2 controller
  • i am not real sure how to fix this if you no how could you please help
  • i downlod the file but have trouble find the directory and getting make to work
  • i unziped and replaced the file and nothing work for player two i even remapped the controls on the snes
  • still having trouble can anyone help me fix my issue
  • if i put my pi on the inet think you could fix the file for me

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