The Cocktail Cabinet Screen Rotation Conundrum
  • Hi All,

    So I have been hunting about on here and can't find a solution to rotate the main PiPlay menu into vertical for use in a cocktail cab.

    I have the games working just fine by setting ror=yes in the advmame.rc file (/home/pi/.advance/advmame.rc) but I can not seem to find where to set the main menu to rotate like this.

    I can set it in the boot config but that seems to mess about with displaying the games.

    I have seen on here people editing the advmenu.rc file (/home/pi/.advance/advmenu.rc) to include the line

    display_orientation flip_xy mirror_x

    But get this - I don't have a advmenu.rc file.

    So my questions are as follows:

    Do I need to create a advmenu.rc file and if so what needs to go in it? Just the line about the display?


    Is there any other way around this? Does anyone have it working?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • I built a vertical cocktail. I flipped everything with the boot config and didn't have to touch the screen rotation at all in the games. The difference may be I am running MAME4ALL. I messed around with advmame for a little while, but it never really worked right for me, so I just stuck with MAME4ALL.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    Unfortunately I have the opposite issues as my ROMs run fine in advmame but not in mame4all.

    display_rotate=1 will rotate everything just fine but it seems to prevent the games running in full screen.

    Does Piplay run advmenu as its front end? And if so is it possible to rotate it?

  • Yep, I did what Caver01 said. One option to consider is that it might be easier to get the right set of roms for MAME4ALL, 0.37b5. For a long time I messed around with random rom I had, that's a completed waste of time. Unless you have the set that was designed for the emulator version you are using, it will be completely hit and miss and frustrating. The set for MAME4ALL is fairly easy to find. I searched high and low for the advmame set, .106 and never did find them.

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