Disable PiPlay autostart
  • Hello,

    I have installed Kodi and PiPlay on Jessie. How can I disable the autostart on bootup?
    Is it possible to add a menue Botton to stop PiPlay and start Kodi


  • to disable autostart, you need to edit /home/pi/.profile and change the line that says
    python launchmenu.py to # python launchmenu.py

    you can add a button to piplay by using the web interface. on a computer on the same network as your pi, type in your pi's web address. Click on database admin (top), then menu items, then you can add an item along with whatever command that you need to run kodi. PiPlay will automatically shutdown when you run a utility command.
  • Please mholgatem, can you explainme how do it? Add a button from kodi to piplay menu.

    best regards

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