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  • hi All,

    I have a question about the list of emulators in the piplay.org home page:
    Emulated Systems:

    MAME - AdvanceMAME & MAME4ALL
    CPS I / CPS II - Final Burn Alpha
    Neo Geo - GNGeo
    Playstation - pcsx-reARMed
    Genesis - DGen
    SNES - SNES9x
    NES - AdvMESS
    Gameboy - Gearboy
    Gameboy Advance - GPSP
    Atari 2600 - Stella
    Cavestory - NXEngine
    Commodore 64 - VICE

    Is this still actual? I do see some differences when I check the "emulators" folder in my piplay setup and I am not a bit confused about what emulator is used for what (i.e. I am pretty sure now NES is emulated with fceux... but if I read the above list it says AdvMESS)


  • no, I don't believe that it's very accurate anymore.
    Here are the changes:
    "Neo Geo" - Final Burn Alpha
    "TurboGrafx 16" - mednafen
    "Neo Geo Pocket Color" - mednafen
    "Sega Master System" - mednafen
    "Game Gear" - mednafen
    "NES" - fceux

  • Hi there. For "mednadfen" where should the Sega .bin files be placed?
  • Just to confirm - piplay does not include Mame? I know it's not called PiMAME anymore, but that's a disappointment - mame is the only emulator that's a bit tricky to set up properly, and the only reason why I would use piplay. And the list should really be updated so that people don't download thinking they get something that doesn't have mame included.
  • it does not come preinstalled but you can install it yourself.
    Now, I am not sure if need to run a script from the console or if there is a way of doing it from the piPlay front-end.
  • The piplay frontend has an icon that you can click that should install mame for you. For legal reasons (because we ran the kickstarter a while ago), we weren't allowed to include it with the distribution.

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