PiPlay still active?
  • Hi, I'm refreshing my arcade with a Pi2. I'm curious if PiPlay is still under active development, especially the interface. Git doesn't show much in the past 6 or 7 months. I'm trying to decide if I should go with RetroPie or PiPlay (I have PiPlay on my Pi1 and like it but if dev is stopped on it I may want to try RP).

    Thanks for any updates.
  • Development has slowed as the semester ramped up, but we are definitely still active!
  • Cool - What's on the roadmap?
  • I'm getting ready to revamp the controller config so that you can configure controls on a per-button-basis, rather than needing to run through an entire emulators set of controls.
  • I just tested the installer on a fresh install of Jessie lite. Since it was Jessie lite, I had to run sudo apt-get install python-pygame after installation, but piplay itself seems to be working. As soon as I get my controls setup, I'll start testing emulators.

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