adding libretro-mame2003
  • Hey all, I'm trying to get this setup and added to the menu as there are a few specific roms that only seem to work on this specific version of MAME, (Elevator Action Returns, for one.) There is woefully little documentation about lr-mame2003, with no usage information for anything other than msdos/windows that I have been able to find. Has anyone been able to set this up successfully? If so, what would the command be that I'd be adding to the web frontend to add it to the menu?

  • So, I managed to figure out what my problem and get the correct command. However, after following the instructions given by mholgatem in Caver01's thread about adding a new emulator, I'm having issues creating the menu item. I'm getting a:
    Integrity error. (sqlite3.IntegrityError) constraint failed
    whenever I try to save and add or submit.
    I matched the label in the menu items to what I titled it in the sql input, the command is:
    retroarch -L
    the rompath is /home/pi/pimame/roms/mame2003
    include full path=1
    include extension=1
    Scraper ID=22

    That's all the information I have in there. Am I missing something? Did I screw up the sql input somewhere?
  • Yes, I was missing the rest of the information. I figured it out!
  • That was one of the issues, yes. Now, I can't seem to get it to actually load any roms in the folder, but I really only need this particular emulator for one particular rom, Elevator Action Returns, which I can get to load via the command line. I'm considering putting together a small bash script that just loads -that- rom, and have piplay just run that script and just load that one particular rom, might solve my problems.
  • That's kind of brilliant! Especially when you're only dealing with a handful of particular roms. As I said, I just needed mame2003 for Elevator Action Returns, as it's the only emulator built for pi that can actually run it, but the piplay frontend doesn't seem to want to run retroarch -L /home/pi/pimame/roms/mame2003/ at all. I just get "Have a nice day. :)" and it kicks me back to piplay
  • Hi!
    I compiled this on my RPI2 a few months back because I wanted to play Indiana Jones and the temple of doom & it was too slow on advmame.
    But, every rom i ran only ran once for some reason.
    After that it stopped loading & I just scrapped the whole idea.

    Maybe i'll try again.

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