Can't get certain ROMs to work or no sound!!!!
  • Hey everybody -

    So I've been working on this for months now and have not been able to make some of my all-time favorite games work on either AdvMAME or MAME4all. I've tried many, many Bump N Jump roms from all over the interwebs and none of them work. Same with Food Fight. Zaxxon has no sound and when I finally found a Space Invaders that will play, it has no sound either! Breaks my heart! I'm using hdmi with my PiMAME. I've seen some info on the boards about converters but I don't have a PC. Only Mac and the Linux Raspberry Pi. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In other news, my bar top cab is mostly finished. Just waiting for my spinner then need to paint and add some decals! I'll post pics in the next few weeks!
  • There are some problems with pimame and sound over hdmi which I believe are being worked on.
    Also make sure you have the correct rom sets. Advmame uses rom set 0.106 and mame4all uses 0.37b5. With mame4all you will also want the samples, which are extra sounds used in certain games. Can't discuss rom locations etc here but google is your friend.
  • You might not be outputting sound to the HDMI port. Do you get any sound if you plug in speakers to the 1/8" jack?

    Try this from the command line:

    sudo amixer cset numid=3 2
    This makes the HDMI the default port for audio

    sudo amixer cset numid=3 100%
    This sets the volume output to 100%

    Also try:
    sudo amixer cset numid=3 unmute

    All the information regarding sound through HDMI can be found here:

    You also have to make sure that the HDMI port is set to "2" in the /boot/config.txt file and un-commented:

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

    Look for "hdmi_drive=2" and remove the "#" in front of it then save it out.

    Also, Space Invaders is an older game and in my experience has required audio samples that need to go in the "whatever_emulator_you_use/samples" folder. I can't tell you where to get those, but they're not hard to find.
  • Can't tell him where the roms are, but the samples we can,0,0,0,5,2511

    This is the link on the MAME4ALL-pi webpage. They should be a good fit for that emu
  • All my other roms work just fine. I will try and locate the mame4all/samples folder and add those sound samples when I get home from work tonight! I'll keep you posted on if it works or not.
  • YES! Yes, yes, yes! The samples worked! I now have sound for Space Invaders and Zaxxon! Beautiful, beautiful sound! Thanks so much! Now if only I could get Bump N Jump and Food Fight to work on MAME4all. I've tried every conceivable search option (mame4all roms, 0.37b5 roms, shot-in-the-dark-who-knows-what-kind-of-emulator-it-needs rom etc.). Anyone out there with MAME4ALL or Advmame had luck playing Bump N Jump or Food Fight roms?
  • can any one get sounds work from game hook? it works fine on PC but not on RPI, all graphics and game are OK but no sounds at all, a good game indiid but without sounds it be booring! any clue, (tryed mame for all and correct mame set 0,37b5).
  • Captain_Wag here I´ve tested bump N jump and food fight and both work good normal soun and graphics. mame4all.
  • Lazzarusbr! You got Bump N Jump to work?!?! You found a ROM that was 0,37b5? I'd still love to get that one going. Still that one and Food Fight I'd love to work!
  • To Captain_Wag, I can confirm TODAY 17/10/2014 the game food fight (blondy guy escape from chiefs and eating icecreams) works fully with sound rom from mame 037b5 set works in full, now will check Bump N Jump.... post soon
  • investigate now Bump N Jump earlier tests with this game and earlier version of pi play hasd worked not working in the latest version of piplay some tests to do... I will try to find the mistery of BumpNJump. Food Fight works in latest version of piplay not any problems at all. graphics and sound works!
  • Bump N Jump FIXED!
  • I'll give it a try. Hope it works!
  • yes MY NEW VERSION works!

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