Advmenu Joystick Mappings
  • Recently I purchased 2x NES USB Controllers for my Pi machine. In the Advmame, the controller works properly, with no real issues. However, when in the Advmenu, it does not seem to be working correctly. I have tried turning device_joystick to auto, which works for the Up/Down/Left/Right on the D-pad, however, when I want to select a game, there is no luck. Start and Select do nothing, B brings up the submenu (for pulling up groups and statistics and such) and A exits Advmenu all together. Currently, the only way for me to select a game is to still have a keyboard hooked up to hit enter.

    Is there any way to adjust the mappings of the joystick for Advmenu? If not, is there any way to adjust the mappings of the joystick altogether (to allow the NES Controllers to imitate key strike events)?
  • You should be able to edit the advmenu.rc file to support custom mppings. That's what I did for the TankStick. Do the NES USB Controllers output anything on the command line when you press a button?
  • the NES Controllers do not currently output anything on the command line when I press a button. Is there a way to make them do that?
  • hi
    i have the similar problem
    on mame joystick work (i have remapped without problem)
    on avmenu not work properly (x and y are inverted) and if i change the setting on advmenu.rc not have any difference!
    i have try device_joystic auto, sdl, raw but the same
    if i rem the line (ex. event_assign up up or 8_pad) there not difference!

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