FBA Problems with sainsmart 10.1" monitors
  • Recently purchased a stains art 10.1" monitor and control board kit for my raspberry pi.
    It works well for the most part.. Having issues though with fba.. Fba won't seem to align the screen right.. Most of the screen is cut off and it won't adjust properly.. I spent a few hours adjusting the overscan in the config.txt to get the console view right.. And now I can't get fba to play night.. Advanced mame displays the correct screen size but lags and is slow as hell.. Mame4all won't play a single rom.. I've tried piplay .08 beta 7, .08 beta 3.. Nothing

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated
  • Anyone buy/use one of these monitors i have mame4all finally running but it does the same thing that fba does it runs the emu in a cut off screen too big and too far off for the display
  • I figured it out finally! The monitor mode was set to 16:9 soon as i changed the monitors aspect to auto the emulators corrected.. We in business now!!
  • Sweet! Glad to hear you got it sorted. Whats the resolution on that?

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