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  • Hi everyone,
    I am currently building a portable PiPLAY, I have retrogame setup and have been testing out some roms. Everything was working perfectly until a few days ago. Retrogame stopped working sometimes. Last night I narrowed it down to a problem with GPIO30 which I had mapped to ESC. If I commented out that line in retrogame.c then all the other buttons work fine.

    When I run sudo ./retrogame in the terminal with all of the buttons assigned the only way I can get any response is if I hold down the button mapped to ESC. Then the rest of the buttons will give the correct output.

    My question is: could I have ruined my GPIO30 pin? If so, what could be the cause?

    **I will post some pictures when I finish the build
  • If you are still getting responses from your other gpio (even if you do have to press ESC), then I doubt that you ruined anything. My guess would be that something is wired incorrectly.

    What model are you using? Are you connected to gpio30 or pin 30 (gpio 30 is on the p5 header, not the p1) If you want, you can send me the retrogame code that you are using. I can take a look at it.

    Without any further info, if I had to guess, I would say that it sounds like you are using a b+ with all buttons using a common ground, and somehow, your ESC button was wired inline with the common ground. So when you have the ESC button in the code, it changes it from a ground, to a standard gpio, and none of the buttons work. But with it commented out, the button acts as a break between the common ground and all of your buttons, so nothing works until that button is held down.
  • I am using a Model B, I added the p5 header which has esc, enter, p, and tab wired to it. What gets me is that it was working fine for a few days.

    I will send you my retrogame code that I am using when I get home from work in a few hours.

  • hmm.. well that's really weird then. hopefully we can get this sorted out!
  • I sent you a message

    I am going to try and check my wiring tonight to see if anything broke or if the button is malfunctioning or if a strand of wire fell on the board and shorted something out.

    it looks like it is in my wiring or the button, I switched the GPIO28 &30 connector to the GPIO29 &31 pins and the same problem occured but on GPIO 31 button. I can't get at the wiring for those buttons easily without taking everything apart so it will have to wait until I make the final version of the control panel , but at least now I know where the problem is. I forgot to grab my multimeter on the way home(at my parents) so I will test the buttons function later and update the thread.
  • Well I decided to use a version of retrogame that mholgatem customized to map my esc, tab, p, and enter buttons to combo buttons. This works out nice because I will now use the extra buttons to turn on my speakers, adjust the volume, and as a reset button. I am hoping to get out in the garage tomorrow to cut my new control panel and do some more work on my case.

    Here is a link to my build thread on another forum
  • nice! I'm hoping to build a cnc machine soon so I can do all kinds of cool stuff like that too! :) I'm glad my version of retrogame was able to help.
  • What version of mame does retrogame run? I need something that works with this pos monitor (so much for cheap parts).. Mholgatem did you happen to image it up like piplay? I have no home
    Based net in my new place yet and only able to download from my phones hotspot to laptop then memcard to pi so i cant hook it up via ethernet to update it or download directly to it currently
  • the files are here. Retrogame just runs in the system background (works on all emulators) and converts button/gpio presses to key presses.
  • nice @rom3662! it's looking good!

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