Audio Solutions
  • Hi Guys

    Just curious what everyone's audio solutions are for custom builds? Computer speakers are of course an easy option but curious about a small set of car type speakers and more specifically the amp used to power them.

    Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.
  • I've used computer speakers in the past, I had one machine that needed better sound, so I ended up using car speakers, a sub, and a lepai amp.
    Most of the time I'll use a class D amp like this one:
    50W amp
    You can get smaller, cheaper, less powerful ones depending on your specific need as well. I've got a 3W one on order for an ultra-mini build.
  • Ah cool, thanks very much for the info.
  • Out of interest @pilesofspam I assume this is wire up to the GPIO of the Pi and doesn't need a separate power supply?
  • The one I have linked above is 10-24V, so it does need an additional power supply, but THIS one is fine to run on 5V (the 5V connection pin on the GPIO header). I've used that exact model in the mini-mame driving 2" diameter speakers and it works great. It's going to take a little more than 500mA when pushed though (and running a low impedance speaker) so make sure your power supply can handle it.

    Someday I'll put up build details of the mini-mame, but I was completely unsatisfied with the buttons. I'm making some of my own now.
  • Good stuff, thanks for that mate.

    Do that, always keen to see pics of people's builds.

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