Keyboard not working - New to PiPlay
  • Hi Guys I'm both new to using a Raspberry Pi and Piplay so bear with me. I had a search around here and couldn't find any similar problems/solutions, so would really appreciate some help!

    I installed PiPlay on a 8GB MicroSD card using Win32DiskImager as recommended and it seems to boot fine when plugged into the pi yet neither the usb keyboard/mouse appear to work at all?

    I had raspbmc before where both worked, so its not the devices themselves, do I need specific drivers? or to change the controls in a configuration file to get them to work?
  • I am having a similar issue. I installed PiPlay .8 beta8 and my keyboard works fine on the PiPlay menu but once I launch a game in AdvancedMame, I can see the game fine but the keyboard is dead...
  • @iloveradio - did you run the controller config utility first? In the main menu of piplay, press 'tab', then go down to 'controller config', then 'advmame'
  • I went trough a similar issue here. Just got a Pi 3 and this is the first time I use one. Everything seems fine but there is no response from keyboard at all (tab, esc or enter does not do anything). I've trying around some configuration and changes I found on forums with no success.
    I installed the latest version than upgraded to the beta 9. Still no luck

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