Joysticks, buttons and encoder
  • Okay so got to the point now where im looking to buy joysticks buttons and an encoder but wondering what everyones experience is with different types. Im looking at getting this
    Can anyone see any problems with it? The big thing im wondering about is the USB encoder seeing there is the more expensive IPac2 out there to grab for extra $$. Is it worth it or would this one be fine?

    Also those look like the "zippy" joysticks, any good or is it worth paying the extra for Sanwa?

  • That looks to be a xin-mo encoder. Which is alright, can be a bit tricky with two players but most of the emulators that we use can handle it.

    Personally, I am a fan of using the gpio. it can be a little intimidating at first (before this project, I had never used them before), but it's so much more customizable. You would however need to have a raspberry pi a+ or b+ to run that many buttons.
  • Excellent thanks mholgatem will look into the gpio option, def after something thats better than "alright". Any experience with the IPac2? Also know of any docs/tutes for hooking buttons up to the gpio (I'll start having a search around)? I have a B+ BTW.

    Thanks a lot.
  • I got the Ipac VE. Only $37 delivered. I'm building a MAME only cabinet so not being able to customize the inputs was fine by me. I can live with the default MAME settings. With my limited testing, it seems like a brainless install.
  • I've got the IPAC2. Brilliant piece of hardware. At default the buttons are setup for Mame. But you can easily program the buttons the way you like. It also supports Shift setup. So for example; Player1+Joystick_Right = TAB-key (starts menu in Mame) and Player1+Player2 = ESC. You can give every button a second shift function so you don't have to you use different buttons for every function.

    For default setup see;
    Software to program the IPAC2 can be found at;

    The IPAC2 also has some jumpers to power LED's. I've hooked-up my coin-button LED.
    More info at; (scroll down)
  • No need of arcade encoder anymore with b+ and retrograme modified
  • That's true- the GPIOs work great- the only drawback to using them is that you need a connector to attach to the GPIO headers. I had a spare IPAC2 laying around from a few years ago, and it has labelled phoenix connectors (screw terminals) to make the connections very easy.
  • you just need female to whatever jumper wires. They come like 40 to a pack. The ipac2 is nice though.

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