Top and Bottom of Display Screen Cut off after update
  • Hey Everybody -

    I finally updated after over a year. When I did it cut off the very top and very bottom of the screen...which is very annoying! Any known fixes for that? Thanks.
  • On a tv? On a monitor?
    you can try these options in config.txt :


  • A monitor. I'll give that a try. Thanks for the quick response! I'll let you know if it works.
  • No luck. It changed the top menu - where you select the emulator - but the MAME4ALL games still are cut off. Any other suggestions?
  • Ok. After a year of having the top and bottom of my screen cut off (can't see scores and other pertinent info!) I'm going crazy! I tried the overscan config.txt but it didn't change anything in my mame4all arcade games. Anybody else out there want to give it a try? Pretty please?
  • what is your setup like? hdmi? any converters or anything?
  • Yes, it's through the HDMI. So no converters. Thanks.
  • I have the same problem, latest piplay on Pi 2.
    advmame seems ok, but mame4all games are cut off top and bottom of screen.
    Using HDMI to Samsung smart tv.
  • I will try the config.txt options and let you know if it works.

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