Light Gun - The PCSX LightGun Thread
  • First I want to thank all those who helped to get piplay available. I starting to love my RaspberryPI Model B and planning to buy 2 more boards, to get my living room and computer room besides our sleeping room connected to the pi world ;)

    So, since i overclocked to "turbo" with raspi-config, "Die Hard Trilogy" and "Time Crisis" run perfectly on PipLay. PCSX-reARMed is perfect on the RasPi to play all those classics i loved years ago. Now i would die for LightGun support. I saw, that PCSX itself seems to support it?! At least, there is a configuration under "controls" whichs lets me set things for LightGun support. Now i ask me, are LightGuns supported by piplay, too? And when you say yes, is there a list of compatible guns and a tutorial, how i can connect playstation LightGuns to the RasPi? Can i use any "Playstation Connector to USB" Adapter?

    Excuse my whacky english, its not my native languare, but i give my best. Would love to communicate with you over this topic. Greetings, siQ1 (sick one) ;)
  • .... So that maybe a loaded question. Lightguns usually only work on CRTs, because they need scan lines...there are USB lightguns for LCDs / Projectors that work like a wiimote. I have never thought to use it on a Raspberry Pi, so I don't know.

    That's awesome that time crisis is running well on of my fav games next to Marvel Vs. Capcom.
  • Hi Silver :) mh, maybe I buy an 100hz ready lightgun with ps1 & usb connector and check which signals are coming in. Could be a nice project the get in touch with usb input programming, if there is a chance to get it work.
  • Has anyone been able to get the AimTrak lightgun working with any of the emulators in PiPlay (ie: mame4all, advmame, or PCSX-rearmed)?

    I keep on hitting a wall and can never actually make it work. I'd really like some help please.
  • OK, so getting the AimTrak to work with mame4all and advmame is complex but possible (remember, it is just a simulating a mouse after all).

    But is the AimTrak possible with PCSX-rearmed?

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