project PiPLAY still alive?
  • is there still development going on here on PiPLAY?!
    or is PiPLAY always kind of dead for some reason (time, money, family,)?
    the last really change i saw long long time ago, and nothing big happen till then... :(
  • seems that forum is dead. only spam-/advert- trolls are here active to fetch hits to make money...

    very very sad. :((
  • Shea and I have both been swamped with other work as of late and the forums have seen that firsthand, but I can tell you that the project isn't dead. We have several things in the pipeline that will be pretty awesome, not just for our community, but for the whole rpi-retrogame community.
  • happy to hear.
    i am very excited about what's coming up...
  • just posting after I spotted this, I ran with both piplay, and retropie....and always preferred piplay!

    everything seemed to run so smooth!

    just wondering have you any update on the news?
  • i see/saw 6 pages full of ads-/troll-/bot-posts.
    there is nobody anymore who is maintaining/administrating this page.
    last real post is many month old.
    the forum must be dead :(
  • There is active development on RetroPie. I've switched over.
  • i know, but when this site is dead, i want to cancel my membership of this forum and delete my account here, but there is no possibility to me to do so, and none of the administrators answering my request for deletion.
  • I'm still using my both PiPlay machines quite frequently - to be honest no need for an update of the system - but many ideas for extensions ;-)
    Let's be patient and see what's coming!

    If you need help with cleaning up - just let me know :D

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