Mini Cocktail Arcade
  • This took me over a year to build (though I did take an 8 month break between figuring out all the electronics/software and building the case). Only thing left to do is put a few arcade stickers on it.

    It’s running a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ with an 8 gig class 10 microSD card.
    Other hardware:
    HDMI to VGA converter
    USB audio card
    I-PAC VE keyboard emulator
    A scavenged set of desk top speakers with the case removed
    17” Computer monitor

    The case is made out of ½” plywood and there is a piece of Lexan used to protect and mask the screen.
    One interesting thing I did was use some short USB cables to extend 2 of the USB ports and made them accessible from outside of the case. By doing this, I can hook up any USB devise to tweak or edit things, limiting how often I have to open it all up (which isn’t trivial).

    This was really designed to run vertical MAME games that have a cocktail version and only use a 4 way joystick and up to 3 buttons. So games like Pac Man, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong etc. I limited it to about 75 games or so. I removed all of the Menu items except, MAME4All, Exit, restart and shutdown.

    Controls included 4 ways zippy joysticks, 3 fire buttons per player, coin button, 1 and 2 player buttons.
    The way the controls are configured, you launch any menu item with the player 1 button 1. The I-PAC is configured that pressing the 1 and 2 player equals the ESC key allowing you to back out of a game.

    I am really happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to resist tweaking the software and messing it all up!

    photo DE1DC0E2-302E-45B5-BEB1-0223688484D7_zpsxxqg4nfc.jpg

    photo E83F0446-A675-49B3-883F-09635EEAA692_zpsxbzaunzy.jpg

    photo 3A3E754E-EF2C-4B9B-9FAF-D27962661D6C_zpsxcmbct8r.jpg
  • Nice! that's a great looking setup! Nice and easy to put away when you want it out of the way.
  • Thanks! I'd like to have built a full size cabinet, but we are a bit cramped in our house so my wife would have not been on board with that. This worked out really well from a space point of view and I really like having a cocktail configuration.
  • Really nice! I would like to make one of these. Just one comment: the position of the speakers is not the best solution I think. In the side of the cabinet would be better in terms of sound quality.
  • Perhaps the speaker position is not ideal, but considering the audio from these old games is mono and not high fidelity, I really don't think the difference would be great. I did test the difference between having the speakers projecting into open air up and into the wood and it was night and day. The sound resonates the wood and the sound is much better. The case is elevated slightly on rubber feet so the whole case resonates the sound pretty well. I also don't think the speaker would have fit on the side, interfering with the monitor.
  • I have to say that I love this! I am an arcade fanatic and collect the real things.

    Would it be possible to get some measurements? Nothing fancy but I want to make one of these and I would prefer to skip some of the trial and error.


  • Thanks! I did all the layout work in CAD so here are some drawings that should get you going. Dimensions are in inches and all the material is 1/2". You have to adjust for the monitor you are using. Even monitors of the "same size" will need things adjusted to get a good fit. If you have any questions feel free to post or PM me. Good luck and let us know how you make out!
    photo Arcade dims 1_zpsm88edhot.jpg

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